Sunday, December 10, 2017

Hello Christmas Tree!

Last Friday was one of Nick's favorite days of the year, the day we go to The Dees Nursery to buy the Christmas Tree.

Nick was happy to be back at Dees!
It was a cold day and it took awhile to find the perfect tree.  Nick watched the men put the tree in the machine to tie it up with twine.
 The tree looks nice decorated in our living room.
Nick also has a little tree in his room.  He decorated it with Lego blocks.  Nick tried to put the Lego blocks on the big tree but mom said, "Lego blocks only on the little tree please!"
We set out Nick's snowman collection on the little shelves in the kitchen.
Here is a picture of Nick and grammy in their holiday hats looking out the window after all our decorating work was done!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Nature Walk

On Friday after Thanksgiving we took a nature walk at Levy Nature Preserve.  We did the 1.6 mile walk together.  Grammy did the whole walk, although sometimes Nick was walking too fast, but he stopped at the benches to let us catch up with him!

Happy Thanksgiving

This year grammy was with us for Thanksgiving. 

Here are some pictures from our day:

  • Our favorite side dishes on the counter
  • Grammy making apple crisp for dessert
  • Nick sitting impatiently at the table before dinner
  • FaceTime with cousins Henry, Katie and Ryder

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Muralist

Today grammy arrived for her holiday visit.  She was so surprised to see how much the mural has grown in Nick's room.  While mom and grammy were in the kitchen we heard Nick working, we went into the room and saw that Nick was adding extensions of pictures to his mural. 

He was very pleased with his work!

Holiday Card Sale

This week Nick participated in the Holiday Card Sale at the Long Beach High School.  Mom found these pictures on the district website.  And today, Liza brought Nick one of the cards designed by his friend Manny!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Nick's old movies

Lately Nick has been looking at old pictures and asking for a VHS player.  Mom and dad tell Nick no one makes VHS players anymore, he can watch DVDs and movies on YouTube.

This weekend mom was in the attic and found a box we have not seen since before the hurricane.  It had a big black book that had Nick's old DVD collection.  Mom said, "I hope this will make you happy to see these old movies again!"

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Halloween Dance

Tonight was the Best Pals Halloween Dance at the Long Beach High School.  Mom takes Nick to the dance every year.  This year, when we had to pick out a costume, mom said to Nick, "you seem to like dad's shirt with Abraham Lincoln on it, maybe we can make that your costume?"

We looked online and found a hat and beard so we ordered it.  Today Nick wore the shirt and the hat and beard as a funny homage to President Lincoln.