Sunday, September 17, 2017

FaceTime with Grammy

Tonight mom and Nick did FaceTime with grammy.  We were both making dinner in our kitchens and talking about our week.  Grammy said to Nick, "I loved your surfing pictures and I'm glad you are happy to be back at school!"

Surfer's Healing

This week mom and dad went to meet Nick's class at Lido Beach for the Surfer's Healing event.  We met up with Nick and Kristin and watched Nick do a great job on three surfing runs!


Smile for Selfies!

Last week was the first day of school.  Nick was up early and waiting on the porch for the school bus. Mom came outside and said, "you look so happy, let's take a selfie!"

Later that night Nick was still happy about going back to school.  Mom took another selfie to remember this day.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Good-bye Grammy

A few weeks ago grammy gave Nick this little sign with letters for his birthday.  Yesterday she packed up her car and left Long Beach to go home.  She took the sign and made Nick this good-bye message.

The Grandchild Tour

This summer, grammy took a trip to visit all of her grandchildren.

First she came to Long Beach to visit Nick for his birthday.  Then she went to California to visit Henry and Katie for a week, and then she took another airplane to see Ryder.

Then grammy came back to Long Beach before going home.  She shared her favorite pictures from her trip, including a picture of mommy and Aunt Stefani and Aunt Nicole on their vacation together.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunbathing Toys

Today mom and dad saw that Nick put some of his today in the pool.  He lined them up on the pool chair,  they were floating around in the sun.  Mom thought this was so funny and took this picture.

Patriotic Gifts

Today our friend Liza came by and gave Nick a birthday present.  Liza gave Nick a USA t-shirt, a flag print baseball cap, and a postcard from Times Square New York!  

Nick was all smiles and put on his new shirt and hat.  But he would not smile when mom asked him to pose for a