Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Henry and Katie

Last weekend, mommy told Nick that we were going to drive in the car for a long time to visit Henry's house. We usually visit in December for Christmas, but this was the first time we drove up in summer. Mommy told Nick he was going to meet his new little cousin, Baby Katie.

This is a picture of Henry and Katie. She is little but she can sit up by herself. She loves to look around the room, especially at her big brother!

Nick saw that Henry had a slip and slide and Uncle Ned helped Nick set it up. He also turned on a big red slide that had a water hose - Nick loved that slide and played on it for a long time.

Finally we got Nick to sit down so we could take a picture of grammy with all three of her grandchildren.

Then Nick went back to playing on the slide. Mommy and Henry were sitting outside on chairs and then Henry fell asleep on his chair!

After dinner we went in the car to sleep at grammy's house. It was time to say goodnight so mommy took one more picture of Katie in her crib.

The next day mommy and Nick drove a long time to get home. There were lots of cars on the road and it took a long time for us to get to New York. Nick did a good job keeping mommy company in the car.

Finally we were home. The first thing Nick did was put on his bathing suit and go in his pool. Mommy said, "are you happy to be home?"

Nick said, "YES!"