Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow is Halloween. Kids and grown ups like to dress up in costumes and pretend to be something else. Nick had to wear a costume to AHRC, so mommy took Nick to the store to choose a costume. Nick picked a wizard hat.

Mommy showed Nick an old Halloween picture, when we dressed up like one of The Wiggles!

And when Nick was very little, he dressed up as a black and white dog!

Mommy said, "I like your wizard hat, I'm happy you are big and you can choose your own costumes."

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Sweet Retreat

Today mommy and Nick took a walk, we went to The Sweet Retreat for ice cream.

In the summer, after dinner, mommy and Nick would take walks to get ice cream. Nick was always so happy to go, all the people who work there know Nick! They say Nick is their best customer!

Nick liked to sit on the bench and watch the people and little kids eat their ice cream. Now the weather is changing and people do not go out for ice cream. Mommy told Nick, "we will go when summer comes again, in June."


This summer, mommy and Nick did a lot of fun things together. Sometimes Nick would ask mommy to take him to TCBY in Long Beach.

Nick would walk up to the counter and ask for ice cream with sprinkles. Then Nick would sit at the table and eat his ice cream.

This is a video of Nick in the car asking mommy to go take him to TCBY.

A lot of Pumpkins!

Nick loves to decorate for the seasons. Now that Halloween is coming, there are pumpkins everywhere. Daddy and Nick came home from Michael's with three fake pumpkins, and Nick got little hats and put them on top.

Then one day Nick went out with McKenzie and bought a BIG pumpkin, then he went on a class trip and bought a little pumpkin.

And Nick has come home from school with pumpkin pictures. Mommy put them on the shelf with the little pumpkin plant that grammy gave us.

Mommy and Nick looked at the calendar, and Nick said, "November coming soon." Mommy said, "yes, soon we will decorate for thanksgiving."

The next day daddy and Nick come home from Michael's with turkey crafts. Turkey pictures coming soon....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Lion King

Today is Sunday October 2, 2011. When Nick woke up, mommy gave Nick a picture schedule. It said mommy, Nick and grammy are going to see The Lion King on Broadway.

We took the train to New York City. Nick was happy and smiling on the train!

When we got to the theatre, Nick looked out the big windows. There were lots of kids at the show.

Then we had to go sit in our chairs, and Nick got serious. He asked for "car home" and said "all done," but mommy and grammy told Nick we were going to watch a show first, and then we would go home.

Nick did a good job watching the show. Sometimes he told mommy "show done," but mommy said not yet. Then she show stopped for awhile and we walked around the lobby, Nick went down the stairs and up the escalator a bunch of times. Nick wanted to go home but mommy said there was one more show, so we went back to our seats.

Mommy and grammy were so proud that Nick did a good job at the performance.

Grammy has always wanted to take Nick to see The Lion King. Grammy bought Nick a little Lion King stuffed animal, but Nick dropped it and now it is gone. Maybe another kid has the toy, but mommy, grammy and Nick still have the pictures from the wonderful show!