Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Lion King

Today is Sunday October 2, 2011. When Nick woke up, mommy gave Nick a picture schedule. It said mommy, Nick and grammy are going to see The Lion King on Broadway.

We took the train to New York City. Nick was happy and smiling on the train!

When we got to the theatre, Nick looked out the big windows. There were lots of kids at the show.

Then we had to go sit in our chairs, and Nick got serious. He asked for "car home" and said "all done," but mommy and grammy told Nick we were going to watch a show first, and then we would go home.

Nick did a good job watching the show. Sometimes he told mommy "show done," but mommy said not yet. Then she show stopped for awhile and we walked around the lobby, Nick went down the stairs and up the escalator a bunch of times. Nick wanted to go home but mommy said there was one more show, so we went back to our seats.

Mommy and grammy were so proud that Nick did a good job at the performance.

Grammy has always wanted to take Nick to see The Lion King. Grammy bought Nick a little Lion King stuffed animal, but Nick dropped it and now it is gone. Maybe another kid has the toy, but mommy, grammy and Nick still have the pictures from the wonderful show!


Grammy said...

Thank you Nick for such a wonderful day. I was so happy you enjoyed the Lion King and that we shared it together.I hope we will have other special days. Love you.

Nicole said...

What a wonderful time with Mommy and Grammy, Nick! So proud of you!