Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day we went back to Henry's house for a family dinner. Henry and Katie showed us the presents that Santa brought.

We did not see all our family, but we did see some of them on the computer!

Grammy said, "I want a picture with all of my grandchildren," but Nick would not smile at the camera.

Grammy's Christmas Present

On Christmas morning, grammy came over to our room and gave Nick a special present.

She made Nick an album of pictures, they are all pictures of Nick and his family in New York City. There were lots of pictures of Nick when he was little. Some pictures were taken at parks, and some at famous places like the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Plaza.

This is a video of Nick and grammy looking at the album together.

The Inn at Scituate Harbor

On Christmas weekend, mommy told Nick we would do something different. We stayed at The Inn at Scituate Harbor.

We had a window that overlooked boats in the water.

Our room had two beds, one for Nick and one for mommy.

And the best part is that they had a big pool. We went in two times, and there were no other people there. Even mommy went into the pool with Nick, we had a good time swimming in the pool and sitting in the little spa pool.

Nick swam for a long time, when he was done he told mommy he wanted a towel.

Mommy said, "I hope you had fun, that was a nice treat for us!"

Christmas Eve

Saturday, December 24th was Christmas Eve, it was finally time to go to Henry's house to visit our family for the holiday. Mommy and Nick put all our things in the car and took the long drive to Massachusetts. Mommy played Christmas songs in the car. Nick loved the song Jingle Bell Rock, he got happy and smiled every time mommy played the song.

When we got there, Nick saw his cousins Henry and Katie. Nick sat in the playroom and watched movies with his cousins.

Then we all had dinner together. Nick was so lucky, his Aunt Stefani made him a Trader Joe's vegetable lasagne.

After dinner mommy made little marshmallow snowmen with Henry and Katie. Every time we turned away our little snowmen fell down!

Then it was time to open our presents, we got such nice gifts from our family! After presents we said good night and took grammy home. Henry and Katie were happy because Santa was coming that night!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wrapping Presents

Nick is so happy the Christmas is coming. Tonight he said to mommy, "presents."

Mommy told Nick he has to wait until Christmas to open presents, but we could wrap up presents for other people. Mommy took out presents for Henry and Katie and put them on the floor with wrapping paper, tape and scissors.

Nick watched mommy and helped fold the paper and put on tape.

Then Nick arranged the presents under the tree.

Mommy said, "thank you for doing such a great job wrapping presents with me. In two days we will go to see your cousins and they will open their presents. I bet your family has presents for Nick too!"

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Chanukah!

Today is the first day of Chanukah, the Festival of Lights! A few weeks ago Nick made this beautiful painting.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Cupcakes

Nick is very happy that Christmas is coming. Today Nick kept telling mommy he wanted "car, Henry's house." Mommy told Nick we are going in six days. We looked on the calendar and counted the days.

But Nick kept asking mommy, so mommy said, "let's do something today so you don't have to think about this too much."

So we made cupcakes together. First we made chocolate cupcakes, and then when they were cooking we made white icing.

Then we decorated them with red and green sprinkles.

Mommy found a box so that Nick could take the cupcakes to school to share with his friends.

At night, Nick kept asking mommy about Henry's house. Mommy said, "yes Nick, in six days we will go in the car to Henry's house."

Christmas is Coming!

Last weekend was Nicks' favorite day of the year, it was the day we got our Christmas Tree. When mommy was making breakfast Nick started hanging letters on the window.

When Nick was eating breakfast he kept telling mommy, " McKenzie, car, Dees Nursery."

Mommy told Nick he had to wait until 12:00. Nick does not like to wait.

Mommy said, "let's get the Christmas things down from the attic." Mommy went upstairs and passed boxes and bags down to Nick.

Then it was time to go to Dees. Nick was all dressed up in his red sweater and his Santa hat.

We picked out a tree and the man carried it to a big machine that tied rope around the tree. Nick always stands close by to watch his tree go through the machine.

When we came home mommy told Nick to wait and we would bring the tree inside together, but Nick got inpatient and tried to carry the tree all by himself.

Then Nick and McKenzie decorated the tree. It has colorful lights and all the ornaments that we have collected over the years.

At night Nick turned off all the lights so he could look at the tree. Mommy asked Nick if he was happy, and Nick said, "music." Mommy put on Christmas music from Charlie Brown's Christmas special. Nick jumped up and down to the music next to his tree.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Bird Sanctuary

Today Nick went on a field trip with his teacher Ms. Weitzman and Ms. Schneider. They took Nick to a bird santuary.

Nick is afraid of birds, so first he was scared and he said "bye bye birds" lot of times.

But Ms. Weitzman and Ms. Schneider told Nick "it's okay," and they gave Nick Skittles to help help him relax.

Then Ms. Weitzman put a little bird in her hand and she brought it to Nick. In this picture Nick is touching the little bird.

Everyone is so proud of Nick for being brave at the bird sanctuary!

Great Job Nick!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Garden Vegetable Lasagne

Today mommy was too tired to make dinner, but that's okay, when that happens Nick gets to eat Trader Joe's Garden Vegetable Lasagne!

Mommy said to Nick, "why don't you help me in the kitchen, you can open the box and and then we will put it in the oven together."

Nick put the lasagne on a cookie sheet. Nick had to wear gloves when we put the cookie sheet in the oven because the oven is very hot.

When we sat down at the table Nick ate so fast mommy could not get a clear picture!

Mommy said, "I'm glad you liked your dinner so much, but you don't eat my cooking that fast!"