Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

Last weekend was Nicks' favorite day of the year, it was the day we got our Christmas Tree. When mommy was making breakfast Nick started hanging letters on the window.

When Nick was eating breakfast he kept telling mommy, " McKenzie, car, Dees Nursery."

Mommy told Nick he had to wait until 12:00. Nick does not like to wait.

Mommy said, "let's get the Christmas things down from the attic." Mommy went upstairs and passed boxes and bags down to Nick.

Then it was time to go to Dees. Nick was all dressed up in his red sweater and his Santa hat.

We picked out a tree and the man carried it to a big machine that tied rope around the tree. Nick always stands close by to watch his tree go through the machine.

When we came home mommy told Nick to wait and we would bring the tree inside together, but Nick got inpatient and tried to carry the tree all by himself.

Then Nick and McKenzie decorated the tree. It has colorful lights and all the ornaments that we have collected over the years.

At night Nick turned off all the lights so he could look at the tree. Mommy asked Nick if he was happy, and Nick said, "music." Mommy put on Christmas music from Charlie Brown's Christmas special. Nick jumped up and down to the music next to his tree.


Nicole said...

So glad you got your tree, Nick! It looks great. you look so tall in the photos!!

Have fun at Henry's house. I'm sad i won't be there with you.

lvoe, aunt nicole

Grammy said...

Yes christmas is coming and Henry is waiting for your visit and he has his tree already waiting for you to see it.See you very soon

MaxxSilly said...

The tree looks beautiful! Great job Nick!