Sunday, July 31, 2016

Baby Things

When mom was getting ready for Nick's birthday, she found a box of baby things in the attic. Mom brought the box down and showed it to Nick.

Nick looked at the blue quilt grammy made for him when he was little.  Mom also had his baby blanket and a little gown Nick wore when he came home from the hospital.
Here are all of the baby things together:

-Stars that hung on the nursery wall
-The newborn baby gown
-A blueberry hat made for Nick by Davina
-Little pants from Aunt Nicole, brought from her trip to Guatemala
-Nick's first Christmas tie from grammy
-Winnie the Pooh onesie from Jenni and Myles

Mom said, "it's nice to look back at these things now that you are grown up."

Hello Henry and Katie!

Last week, Nick was so happy to see his cousins Henry and Katie in our house!  We have not seen them in almost two years.  Nick gave them both big hugs and smiles when he saw them!

Family Pictures

Our family spent three days together for Nick's birthday.  We had fun eating dinners, playing in the house, swimming in the pool and taking pictures on the beach.

Here are all the cousins together.
Grammy got a nice picture with her grandchildren on the beach.
Grammy and Ryder relaxing under our shade tree in the front of the house.
Katie and Ryder had fun playing with Matchbox cars on the floor.
Henry and Katie at dinner.
Grammy playing bubbles with Katie and Ryder.
Mommy with her sisters, Nick's Auntie Stefani and Auntie Nicole.
Nick with daddy and grandpa.
The Lako family playing in the pool, minus Nick, who loves to swim at night.

Happy Birthday Nick!

Last week Nick had a birthday, his 18th birthday!  It was a big occasion, our family came to Long Beach from far away to celebrate this milestone birthday with Nick.

Grammy made Nick this giant birthday poster.  Everyone signed it, and we will hang it up in Nick's room.
In this picture we are singing Happy Birthday to Nick!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Outside Dining

On Sunday, Nick had a surprise, grammy is here to visit!  She will be here this week to celebrate Nick's birthday.

he three of us had dinner on the porch.  Grammy told Nick, "wait until you see, we have lot's of surprises coming for you this week."

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Fair at St. Mary's

On Saturday morning, when mom and Nick were in the car, we passed St. Mary's church and we could see they were having their annual summer carnival.  Nick pointed and said, "rides."  Mom said, "okay, tonight after pizza dinner we can go."

Nick was happy when we got there, he sat on the brick gate taking it all in.  Then we went to buy tickets for the rides.
Dad and Nick went on several rides together.  Nick came off every ride with a big smile on his face.
Here is a selfie of the three of us at the end of the night.

The Movie "Life, Animated"

One day, dad and Nick took the train into New York City and met with mom after work.  We went to see a movie at Lincoln Center, it is called Life, Animated.

The movie is about a young man named Owen.  He has autism and he loves Disney movies.  In the movie, Owen is 23 years old and he graduates from school and moves into his own apartment.

Sometimes the movie was happy and sometimes it was sad.  Mom said to Nick, "Someday you will leave home for your own place.  Just like Owen, you will have your family and friends to support you and cheer you on."