Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our House is Broken

On Sunday, October 28, mommy took Nick in the car to the Fairfield Inn.  Nick likes going to the hotels because he can eat dinner at TGI Fridays and play in the pool.

The next day the weather was windy and rainy.  Mom showed Nick the TV and said, “Look, a circle cloud is coming." 
"The ocean waves are very big, Long Beach is in danger."
Three days later mom took Nick home.  Everything was dirty and changed.
Mom told Nick, “The ocean water came into the house.  We can’t stay here until the house is fixed.”
Nick was sad to see the furniture on the curb, McKenzie tried to comfort Nick.
But Nick was still sad.

Mom said, "I know you are sad.  We will stay with grandma and grandpa until we can come home again."