Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Nick

Today is Nick's birthday - Nick is 13 years old.

First, Nick went to school. Nick's teacher Ms. O'Brien brought Nick cupcakes, and then all the kids in the class sang the Happy Birthday song.

When mommy and daddy came home, Ms. Schneider and little Joey were home with Nick. Ms. Schneider took Nick to Micheal's craft store. Nick picked out a new calendar, a light with stars from the sky, and a green squishy toy.

Then mommy and daddy took Nick to eat dinner at Paddy McGees Restaurant. We sat on the water looking across to Long Beach.

Nick liked the restaurant, and he liked the food too! Nick ate fried shrimp and spaghetti!

Then we went outside and Nick walked on the docks. Sometimes birds would fly low and Nick got scared, he would run back to the restaurant doors. But when the birds were gone Nick went back to the docks to run and look at Long Beach and the Long Beach bridge.

And then it was time for dessert. We went to The Sweet Retreat, where mommy and Nick get ice cream every night. Nick sat outside and ate his crazy vanilla ice cream cup with rainbow sprinkles.

Then it was late and it was time to come home. There were messages on the phone, including one from cousin Henry singing Happy Birthday. Then grammy called and she sang Happy Birthday on the phone too!

And there was a birthday card in the mail from Nick's teacher Ms. Weitzman and all the kids from Nick's middle school class.

Nick put on his bathing suit and took his moonlight swim in the pool. At bedtime, mommy said to Nick, "I hope you had a nice birthday, what a lucky boy you are to have so many people make a fuss over you!"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Nick's Big Birthday

Tomorrow is Nick's Birthday, Nick will be 13 years old! Ms. O'Brien at school, and Ms. Schneider at home, and mommy and daddy, all have plans to make Nick feel special.

But Nick will have to wait for tomorrow to see!

Happy Birthday Little Nicky!
We Love You!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Fair

Every summer, St. Mary's Church in Long Beach has a summer fair. They have rides and food and games. People come from far away to visit the fair and have fun. Nick wanted to go again this year, and he wrote a note to mommy and daddy that said "Farris Wheel."

After dinner, mommy and Nick went to the fair. Nick was so happy, he was jumping up and down while we were on line waiting to buy tickets.

Nick wanted to go on the big yellow slide. Mommy was afraid it was too high, but we met a boy who knows Nick from school. He went up the stairs with Nick and showed Nick how to sit on the towel and go down the slide. Then it was Nick's turn. Nick did such a good job he wanted to go up again. Mommy waited at the bottom and took a movie of Nick going down the slide.

Then Nick wanted to go into the Kids House. Last year Nick went in a few times, but this year Nick was too big. It was only for little kids. Nick did not understand and wanted to go inside to run up the stairs and come down the slides. Nick got sad.

To make Nick feel better, mommy agreed to go on a ride called The Tornado. We sat in little chairs facing each other and then the ride started and we were twirling high up in the air. Nick had such a happy face, mommy took out the camera and took another movie of Nick.

When we were all done mommy bought Nick pink cotton candy and we walked to the car. Nick had a good time at the fair, and then he got to go in the pool with daddy for a moonlight swim.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

SEPTA Pool Party

Last week, mommy told Nick we were going to a pool party! Mommy has friends from a group called SEPTA, and we all have kids that live in Long Beach or go to Long Beach schools.

We got to the party early. Nick looked so happy when he saw the big pool, but he was shy at first and sat on a chair for a little while.

Then Nick went in the water. He saw his old classmate Luke.

Nick was so happy in the big pool. Then more kids arrived and Nick did not want to stay, Nick told mommy he wanted to go home.

Mommy said, "we have to stay a little while longer, I want to talk to my friends, and there are a lot of people here who want to meet you."

Nick went back to his chair and was grumpy until we left. But when we looked at the pictures later and mommy asked Nick if he had fun at the pool party Nick said, "yes."

Saturday, July 2, 2011

American Flags

One day mommy and Nick went to McDonald's to get french fries. Nick pointed out the window and said "flags!"

Mommy said, "yes, there are lots of flags in the air. Would you like to help me take a picture?"

Mommy and Nick pointed the camera up at the sky. We got a great picture, Nick smiled when he looked at it on the camera. Mommy said, "maybe we will put this on your computer since it was your idea and you helped take the picture."

Blood Test

After we went to the doctors this week, mommy told Nick we had one more place to go. We had to visit the lab to get a blood test. Nick did this once before, and he did a very good job. We looked at movies on YouTube first, so Nick would not be scared.

When we got to the lab Nick was happy. But then he got scared. Mommy showed Nick pictures and then mommy gave Nick a big hug and the lady did the blood test. Nick watched the whole thing! Mommy did not watch at all, mommy does not like blood tests.

When we were done, Nick wanted to go to the bakery across the street. He wanted a big chocolate chip cookie. We had not had breakfast yet, and mommy does not like Nick to eat cookies before breakfast, but mommy said, "well, this time it is okay, because you did such a great job with the blood test and I am very proud of you."

Doctor Visits

One day this week, mommy showed Nick picture schedules. Mommy told Nick that the next day he had three doctor visits.

The first visit we went to see the dentist. Nick sat in the big chair and a lady put a bib over his shirt. She asked Nick if he wanted to play with sunglasses, so Nick put them on.

Then the dentist came in and he pressed a button on the floor and the chair became a bed. Then he cleaned and examined Nick's teeth.

Next we went to another doctor, he checked Nick's blood pressure and heartbeat.

Finally we went to the last doctor, she was the eye doctor. Nick looked at all the equipment in the room, it looked big and scary. Nick did a great job reading letters on the wall.

Then we were all done with doctors. Mommy told Nick he could choose where we went next. Nick said he wanted to go to the sprinkler park, so that's what we did.

Then we came home and had dinner together in the yard. Nick had a very happy face!

Mommy told Nick, "I am so proud of you, what a great job you did today with all those doctor visits!"

Sleepy Nick

There was no school this week, and mommy had no work. We did not have to get up early, so mommy and Nick slept as late as we wanted. One morning, mommy was trying to read the newspaper and there were so many loud sounds. Men were working on fixing the street. A neighbor was cutting his grass. An airplane flew over our house. And a group of men riding motorcycles went by.

Mommy checked on Nick to see if the noises woke him up.

None of the noises work Nick up, he was a sleepy head in bed!