Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Fair

Every summer, St. Mary's Church in Long Beach has a summer fair. They have rides and food and games. People come from far away to visit the fair and have fun. Nick wanted to go again this year, and he wrote a note to mommy and daddy that said "Farris Wheel."

After dinner, mommy and Nick went to the fair. Nick was so happy, he was jumping up and down while we were on line waiting to buy tickets.

Nick wanted to go on the big yellow slide. Mommy was afraid it was too high, but we met a boy who knows Nick from school. He went up the stairs with Nick and showed Nick how to sit on the towel and go down the slide. Then it was Nick's turn. Nick did such a good job he wanted to go up again. Mommy waited at the bottom and took a movie of Nick going down the slide.

Then Nick wanted to go into the Kids House. Last year Nick went in a few times, but this year Nick was too big. It was only for little kids. Nick did not understand and wanted to go inside to run up the stairs and come down the slides. Nick got sad.

To make Nick feel better, mommy agreed to go on a ride called The Tornado. We sat in little chairs facing each other and then the ride started and we were twirling high up in the air. Nick had such a happy face, mommy took out the camera and took another movie of Nick.

When we were all done mommy bought Nick pink cotton candy and we walked to the car. Nick had a good time at the fair, and then he got to go in the pool with daddy for a moonlight swim.

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Grammy said...

What fun you are very brave to go on the rides.