Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

On Monday there was no school. It was a holiday called Memorial Day, so mommy and Nick made a special cake that looked like a flag.

Mommy put a flag on the table so we could copy the colors. We made a white cake and put blue and red berries on top. Nick did such a good job helping.

Then mommy showed Nick pictures from last year. Every year on Memorial Day there is a parade that goes past our house. When Nick was little he was scared of the parade. He would hide in his room. As he got big he learned to watch from the window, and then from behind the fence. For the last two years Nick has come outside to watch the parade.

We see police officers and soldiers in their uniforms. We also see kids from all of the Long Beach schools. Some are in marching band and some wave big flags. When kids from The Middle School walked by someone shouted "hi Nick!"

The Long Beach fire trucks were in the parade too.

When the parade was all done mommy said "what a perfect day it was for a parade, you did a great job today!"

Saturday, May 23, 2009

No AHRC Today

Today is Saturday, but there was no AHRC.

In the morning Daddy made Nick french toast for breakfast and then they went in the car so Nick could get a haircut.

Then mommy took Nick in the car. We went to the store to buy food. Then mommy said "where would you like to go?" Nick wrote down "park street." Mommy said "do you want to go to the Clark Street Park?" and Nick said "yes," so we went to the park to play.

Then we went to a shopping mall. Mommy and Nick rode the escalators and looked at lots of new things.

The mall has a carousel and Nick wanted to go for a ride. We bought tickets and then went through the gate. Mommy asked Nick if he wanted to sit on a horse or a chair. Nick said "chair." Nick was happy as he put on his seat belt. Then the ride started and we got a surprise. We were in a spinning cup. Our little bench was spinning around in circles! When the ride was all done mommy said to Nick "do you want to ride again?" and Nick said "no." Mommy said "that's good, because I'm too dizzy to ride again!"

We went into the dollar store and Nick saw three green frogs. Nick said "green frog, green frog, what do you see?" These are the words from his Brown Bear book. Mommy gave Nick money and he bought the green frogs. Then we bought ice cream and sat down at a table. Nick ate his ice cream and recited the whole Brown Bear book to the three green frogs.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dr. Lauren

On Sunday we did something different. Mommy, Daddy and Nick put on nice clothes and went to the Ocean Club. We went to a party for Lauren. All of Lauren's friends were there to celebrate her graduation, and Nick went too. Nick helped mommy make a big card with a picture and stickers to give as a present.

Nick looked handsome in his blue shirt and blue pants. We walked into the room and Lauren gave Nick a big hug.

There were lots of people there who knew Nick. Girls gave him big hugs and guys gave him high fives! Nick even danced on the floor with Lauren and daddy and he sat at the bar and drank water from a big cup.

Nick also did good sitting at the table. There was lots of food for Nick to eat. He ate cucumber, grilled cheese sandwich, pineapple and strawberry.

There was a big door leading outside to the beach. Nick loved playing in the sand and was running back and forth on the beach.

Now that Lauren is a doctor she can't take care of Nick anymore. She is going to work at a hospital far away. We will miss her very much.

Everyone was so proud that Nick was a good boy at the party.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Working in the Garden

Today is Mother's Day. Mommy likes to start the garden on Mother's Day.

Mommy, Grammy and Nick went to the Garden Center to buy flowers. We picked out little pink flowers to plant around our tree.

Then we planted the flowers in the garden. Mommy asked Nick to help. Mommy and Nick took the little plants out of the boxes and put them on the ground.

Then we put on gardening gloves. We made holes in the dirt and put the flowers inside and put dirt around them.

Nick did not want to help mommy for long, he wandered away to play.

Mommy remembered a long time ago when Nick was little. We taught Nick how to work in the garden.

And even then he did not want to help for long, and wandered away to play.

Happy Birthday Grandma

Today is Mother's Day.

Grandma, Grandpa and Grammy came over for brunch. Nick did not sit at the table with us because he took his bagel and berries before everyone came over.

When brunch was done mommy said to Nick "come in the kitchen, I need your help." Mommy showed Nick a black and white cupcake and said "grandma's birthday was last week, we are going to sing Happy Birthday to grandma today." Nick had a big smile on his face. Mommy and Nick put a candle on the cupcake. Nick carried the cupcake out to the table and sang all by himself. Grandma was very surprised. Then he helped blow out the candles.

When no one was looking, Nick stole the cupcake and ate it at his computer.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Long Island Children's Museum

Today is Saturday and Nick went to AHRC to play. Mommy picked up Nick and we went to Wendy's for French Fries. Then we got back in the car and were on the parkway home. Nick wrote something down and handed it to mommy. It said LICM. These are the letters for
The Long Island Children's Museum.

We were almost at the exit to the museum. Mommy said "yes, we can go to the museum." Nick was smiling in the back seat.

We went inside and bought two tickets. Nick played in the sand and we walked in little caves and looked at animals and fish. Nick also built a building with blocks and looked in kaleidoscopes.

There was a television studio. Mommy sat in the chair and Nick looked at mommy in the camera. Then Nick sat in the chair. There were buttons on the table and Nick could see himself on the screen.

What Nick liked most was the climbing ramps. He started at the bottom and climbed all the way to the top. Nick did this lots of times, Nick likes to sit high up and look down at things.

We stayed at the museum until they closed. Mommy told Nick we had to go home in the car. Nick said "car, home." Mommy said "what a good idea you had to go to the museum!"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Excellence in Effort

On Wednesday, May 6, Nick had to go to school at night. He did not visit his classroom, he went to the Auditorium for the SEPTA Awards. Nick's teachers nominated Nick for an Award called Excellence in Effort because he has worked hard in school.

Mommy wrote Nick a note so he knew that he had to go to school at night. Then daddy and Nick drove in the car to the school. Mommy was already there waiting. At first Nick did not want to get out of the car but he did good listening and we all went inside the building.

Nick did good sitting in his chair and even clapped hands for some of the kids.

Then the Middle School kids went up to the stage. Nick's name was called and his teacher put a medal around his neck and gave him a certificate. Nick did good sitting on the stage while the other kids got their awards.

When the ceremony was all done we went home in the car. Mommy knows that Nick did not want to go to school at night, but Nick did a great job listening to mommy.

That is Excellence in Effort!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cutting up Cucumber

Every day Nick has cucumber for snack. On Sunday mommy said to Nick, "why don't you come and help me make the cucumber."

Nick came into the kitchen. First Nick had to cut off the ends.

Then Nick had to use the peeler to take away the green skin.

Then Nick cut the cucumber into slices so he could put them in a bowl to eat.

When Nick was done he tried to take the bowl and run away. Mommy said "clean up first, put your things in the sink and then you can be all done." Nick put the knife and peeler and cutting board in the sink.

Then Nick took his bowl, said "bye!" and ran away with his snack.

Nick and Nana

One day, mommy was cleaning up papers in the living room. Mommy found pictures of buildings that Nick printed from his computer. Sometimes Nick prints pictures of buildings in Long Beach or New York City. But this building was from a different place. It was a building in Queens, New York. This is where Nana lives.

Nana is mommy's grandma. Sometimes mommy takes Nick to visit Nana. Mommy says "please do good sitting and quiet voice so I can visit Nana, we will not stay long."

We take the elevator to the 10th floor. We usually find Nana sitting on a chair with other people. Nick is always a good boy and gives Nana a kiss hello. This picture was taken on Nick's last visit in December. Mommy was so happy they were both smiling for the camera.

And mommy is so proud that Nick knows how to find Nana's building on the computer!