Saturday, May 23, 2009

No AHRC Today

Today is Saturday, but there was no AHRC.

In the morning Daddy made Nick french toast for breakfast and then they went in the car so Nick could get a haircut.

Then mommy took Nick in the car. We went to the store to buy food. Then mommy said "where would you like to go?" Nick wrote down "park street." Mommy said "do you want to go to the Clark Street Park?" and Nick said "yes," so we went to the park to play.

Then we went to a shopping mall. Mommy and Nick rode the escalators and looked at lots of new things.

The mall has a carousel and Nick wanted to go for a ride. We bought tickets and then went through the gate. Mommy asked Nick if he wanted to sit on a horse or a chair. Nick said "chair." Nick was happy as he put on his seat belt. Then the ride started and we got a surprise. We were in a spinning cup. Our little bench was spinning around in circles! When the ride was all done mommy said to Nick "do you want to ride again?" and Nick said "no." Mommy said "that's good, because I'm too dizzy to ride again!"

We went into the dollar store and Nick saw three green frogs. Nick said "green frog, green frog, what do you see?" These are the words from his Brown Bear book. Mommy gave Nick money and he bought the green frogs. Then we bought ice cream and sat down at a table. Nick ate his ice cream and recited the whole Brown Bear book to the three green frogs.


grammy said...

Nick good sitting while getting a hair cut, you looked so grown up as always you make me proud. Love you, grammy

Nicole said...

Love the haircut, nick! Brown bear is one of my favorite books. Miss you!
Aunt Nicole