Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Parade

Today is Memorial Day.  It is the day we honor the veterans who served for our country.  Every year the parade goes past our house, so we can sit outside and watch the veterans and the marching bands go by.

In the morning, mom said, "you have a lot of t-shirts with American flags, which one do you want to wear today?"
We sat outside and watched the parade go by.
When the marching band went past, two people shouted out "Hi Nick!"
Some of the veterans are too old to walk in the parade, so some of them sat in an an old fashioned bus decorated with flags.
Some of the veterans sat in antique cars and trucks.
This truck had a thank you message to everyone who served our country!

New York City Tour Bus

A few weeks ago, when mom and Nick went to Radio City, Nick wanted to take a tourist bus ride.  Mom said, "we do not have time today, maybe we will take another trip to the city in a few weeks."

Nick wrote a note to mom saying he wanted to come back to New York City on Memorial Day.  He also said he wanted to ride the red tourist bus! 
So on Sunday, mom and Nick went to New York City and took the downtown bus ride. 
We rode on the top, and had a wonderful view of buildings and the streets of the city. 
There were so many people in Times Square it took a long time for the bus to get through.
We did not take too many pictures from the ride, but here is the Flat Iron Building.
Nick seemed very happy on the way home.

Art Show at the High School

This month, mom got a note from school that Nick had work in the Art Show at the High School.

This is Nick in front if his work.

Here is a closeup, four screens of the same image.

Decorated Bowl.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day.  Nick and dad bought mom flowers and left them on the table.  Nick also made mom a paper plant as a present, and three cards.  Mom said, "wow, I feel so special!"

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall

Today mom told Nick we were going into New York City to see a show.

We went to the Long Beach LIRR station, and there was a poster about the show we were going to see.

Mom said, "you liked the Christmas Show so much, we are going to see The Rockettes in the Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.
Nick was very happy on the train.
And he was happy when we got to the theatre.
Nick's favorite parts of the show were when The Rockettes were on stage.
After the show we walked around Rockefeller Plaza.  Nick knows this area well, mom used to work there and we would walk there all the time.

Then we walked around Times Square.  It was very busy and crowded, there are so many people in Times Square!  Mom took this short video.