Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pizza with Friends

On Friday, mommy told Nick we were going out to dinner.  Mommy's SEPTA group was meeting at the East End Pizza Cafe.  Nick told mommy he did not want to go, but mommy said, "Some of your friends might be there so let's try it and see if we have fun."

As soon as we walked into the restaurant we saw Nick's classmate Luke.  Nick was happy to see Luke, but then he would not sit with him.  The boys sat at separate booths while they ate their pizza, but they kept looking at each other with happy faces.

Bobby from TAPA was there too.

And Manny, another one of Nick's classmates!

Mommy tried to get a picture of all the boys together, but they would not stand still at the same time.

Oh well, we had fun meeting up with everyone at the East End Pizza Cafe.

TAPA - Spring Showcase

Nick goes to TAPA to play music and dance.  We got an invitation to attend a performance of all the kids.  Mommy told Nick " I would like to go and see what kind of music you play."

We watched other kids play music, sing songs, and dance.  When it was time for Nick's group, Nick did not want to sing the first song.  But he did go up to the front of the room to play drums.  There were four boys, and they all played along to the loud music.

After the performance, mommy said, "Good job Nick, although I don't think you were playing drums to the same song I was hearing.  But that's okay, you always do your own thing, don't you Nick."

Middle School Graduation

On June 20, 2012, Nick graduated from Long Beach Middle School.  Daddy and Nick bought this sign at Party City.  We hung it up in the house to celebrate.

Grammy took the long train ride to see the ceremony.  Grammy said, "this is a special occasion and I want to be there to see it!"

We took Nick to the school to meet Ms. Weitzman and Ms. Lilly. 

Ms. Lilley said, "oh Nick, you look so handsome!"

And Ms. Weitzman said over and over again, "I'm so proud of Nick and I'm going to miss him!"

Then it was time for the ceremony.  All the kids walked into the room while the music was playing.  Nick walked with his teacher and had a big smile on his face.  He sat in the chair and clapped for the other kids.  Then it was Nick's turn to walk up to the stage.  At first Nick was happy and smiling, but then he stopped walking and looked scared.  He patted his head and flapped his hands.  Kids started shouting out "go Nick!" and "good job Nick!"  A man stood up and took Nick's hand and walked him to the other side of the stage where his teacher was waiting.

When Nick got to his teacher she turned him around to face the audience.  The whole room was clapping for Nick.

After the ceremony, mommy took this picture of Nick with daddy and McKenzie.  Nick looked very proud of himself.

We were all VERY proud of Nick!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mommy at Work, Far Away Again

Last Sunday, mommy had to go in the taxi to work far away again.  Mommy gave Nick a schedule, so Nick knew he would still go to school and TAPA, and that McKenzie and daddy would take care of Nick.

Every night mommy and Nick did Facetime on the computer.  Sometimes Nick was quiet and watched mommy talk, other times Nick was happy and jumping in his chair.

On Thursday mommy came home.  Nick was very happy to see mommy.  He showed mommy his calendars and the things he wants to do this summer.  Nick is very happy that his pool is open again, he told mommy over and over that the pool is open until September.

Mommy showed Nick the Facetime pictures.  Mommy said, "Isn't it great that we can talk on the computer when mommy is far away.  Even though I still miss you, I love to see you and know that you are happy and well.  I hope you feel the same way."

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nick's Pool is Open!

 June is here, and Nick knows that in June daddy opens Nick's pool for the summer.

Last weekend daddy put down new sand, and on Wednesday we got a big box with the new pool liner.  Nick helped daddy build the pool.  Then it took two days for the pool to fill up with water.

Nick is so happy, he keeps going outside to check on his pool. 

Today was Saturday, we did the things we always do on Saturday, but we added one new thing to our regular routine. 

1.  Mommy took Nick to the bagel shop.
2. Then mommy took Nick in the car to AHRC to play.
3. Daddy picked up Nick at 3:00, then they went to Burger King and Party City.
4. We had pizza dinner.
5. Then we went for ice cream at The Sweet Retreat.
6. And then, when the sun was setting in the sky, Nick went into his pool to play.

Mommy said, "Aren't you cold in the water?"  But Nick was not cold.  He stayed in the water for 45 minutes!  Then mommy wrapped up Nick in a towel and we sat down together.  Mommy asked Nick if he is happy with his new pool.  Nick did not say any words, but Nick gave mommy a big hug.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy

June 1st is daddy's birthday.  When Nick came home from school, he had a present for daddy in his knapsack.

 Daddy opened the present, and it was a picture of Nick in a frame.  

Daddy said, "What a beautiful present, you look so happy in this picture. Thank you, I will keep it always!"