Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mommy at Work, Far Away Again

Last Sunday, mommy had to go in the taxi to work far away again.  Mommy gave Nick a schedule, so Nick knew he would still go to school and TAPA, and that McKenzie and daddy would take care of Nick.

Every night mommy and Nick did Facetime on the computer.  Sometimes Nick was quiet and watched mommy talk, other times Nick was happy and jumping in his chair.

On Thursday mommy came home.  Nick was very happy to see mommy.  He showed mommy his calendars and the things he wants to do this summer.  Nick is very happy that his pool is open again, he told mommy over and over that the pool is open until September.

Mommy showed Nick the Facetime pictures.  Mommy said, "Isn't it great that we can talk on the computer when mommy is far away.  Even though I still miss you, I love to see you and know that you are happy and well.  I hope you feel the same way."

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Grammy said...

Lucky you Nick to see mommy and daddy on the computer when they are away. I am going to learn how to talk to you on the computer so get ready for my phone call.