Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Berry Thief

After breakfast on Sunday morning, Nick came back into the kitchen. Mommy was making fruit bowls for us. There were oranges, blueberries and raspberries on the counter. Mommy said to Nick "can you help prepare berries?"

Nick did not want to help at first. We took out a strainer and put some of the berries inside. Then we turned on the cold water and cleaned them.

Next we put them into a bowl and pat them dry with a paper towel so all the water was gone.

Nick did not want to help cut up orange, he rushed away with his bowl and sat on his balance ball to eat berries.

Mommy left her bowl on the kitchen table while she was doing work. When mommy was not looking Nick came into the kitchen and took mommy bowl of berries and he ate them all up.

Mommy came into the living room and saw the two bowls. Mommy said "did you steal my berries and eat them?" Nick was laughing and being silly. Mommy said "I will have to watch you from now on, you are a berry thief!"

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A San Francisco Shirt and The Golden Gate Bridge

Today, Nick went through mommy's closet and found something she had hidden. It was a box with the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge inside. Grammy had given it to Nick on his birthday, and mommy was saving it as a project to do together.

But Nick found the box and opened it up. He took all the pieces out and put them on the floor. Daddy decided he and Nick would build the bridge together.

When the bridge was all done, mommy reminded Nick that he had a shirt from San Francisco. Aunt Nicole lives there, and a few weeks ago she sent a package with a shirt from Chinatown in San Francisco.

Then Nick looked at his new bridge wearing his new shirt. Mommy told Nick "you are so lucky that Grammy and Aunt Nicole bought you such nice presents!"

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nick and Mommy's Tree

Look at Nick in sitting this tree!

In 2003, mommy, grammy and Nick planted this tree. The little stick in the middle of the circle is the tree.

The next year, in 2004, the tree was bigger than Nick.

In 2005 the tree was as big as our house.

In 2006 there were so many big leaves we could hide behind them.

In 2007 the tree cast shade on our new porch.

In 2008 Nick wanted to climb the tree but mommy said no. Nick would stand on the porch railing and try to reach up to the top of the tree.

But now the tree is strong enough for Nick to climb. Mommy told Nick not to climb too high, but Nick seems happy enough to sit up in the branches and look down at Long Beach.

Food Shopping with Mommy

On Saturday, Mommy and Nick went to the store to buy food. Mommy had lots of coins in a jar so we decided to bring them to the Coinstar Machine at the supermarket.

No one else was waiting. We had two bags of coins. We pressed the buttons to start the transaction and then the machine said we should put the money in. Nick was good at this. He put in the money and then picked up the tray so the money would slide down into the machine. Sometimes the money got stuck but Nick used his hands to help the coins move.

Then we took our ticket from the machine. It said we could use $15.05 towards our food shopping. Mommy said "that's a nice coupon! I will hold onto it for safe keeping."

Then we did our shopping. Nick was mostly a good boy. Lately he likes to take rides on the shopping cart. He holds himself up high on the handlebars and puts his feet out like he is flying. This makes it harder for mommy to push the carriage, but it does look funny and people smile at us when we go past them.

Then we were all done shopping. Nick helped mommy put food on the table to we could pay for it, and then Nick helped give the food to mommy so she could put it in bags. Then we carried everything to the car. Nick helps put the bags in the trunk of mommy's car.

When we got home Nick was supposed to help carry the bags into the house. He can do a good job but he needs lots of reminding to be a good helper, he tries to run away to play computer.

Mommy said "this is one of your jobs in the house. if you like to eat food, you should help with the shopping and putting the food away."

The Pools at Wantagh Park

Nick loves the pools at Wantagh park. Daddy takes Nick there in the summer. It is a special place for daddy and Nick to go, and one of Nick's favorite places. They have low water pools with with sprinklers and things for kids to climb.

Nick also goes down the big water slide, but sometimes he's told he has to stop because he keeps climbing up and then other kids can't have their turn.

There is also a very deep pool with diving boards. Nick can jump off those boards into the deep water and swim to the ladder.

Daddy was walking to the life guards and they were all impressed with Nick's swimming skills!

Great Job Nick!