Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hospital Visit

On Monday, Nick had to go to the hospital to have two teeth pulled.  Nick was very brave and did a great job.

This is a picture of Nick in the hospital bed after his surgery.  He was very tired and it look awhile for Nick to wake up and feel good enough to come home.
When we came home Nick was still tired, he went right to bed and took a nap.
At night mom made Nick meatloaf and mashed potato because his mouth was sore.

Mom and dad said, "we are so proud of how brave you were today.  Great job!"

Sunday in New York City

Last Sunday mom and dad took Nick to New York City.

We stayed at the Carlton Hotel.
We took a walk around the city and sat for awhile in Union Square Park. Nick said he wanted to see the Empire State Building.
We walked up to the Empire State Building, but Nick did not find it interesting because he could not see the top of the building
 We sat for awhile in Herald Square.  Nick liked being in the middle of all the people and stores.
Then the sun started to go down and we walked back to the hotel.  We caught a good look at the Empire State Building, all dressed in Christmas colors!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Ryder's First Christmas

On Christmas day mom got a text message with a picture, it was Nick's little cousin Ryder on his first Christmas morning!

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we had dinner together and then opened our presents.

Nick rushed through his dinner to get to the good part of the evening.
Then he ran to the chair to wait for us to catch up to him.
Nick's best gift was a bungee chair from grammy.  Mom said, "that is the only chair in the house where you can bounce."
Nick gave mom a Long Beach sweatshirt.
After presents, Nick and dad had a happy dance together!

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

On Christmas Eve we were in New York City, but it was a rainy day and it was hard to walk around.  After we went to the theater to see our show, grammy said, "I don't care if it's raining, I want to take a picture with Nick under the big tree at Rockefeller Center."

The Rockettes at Radio City

This year mom and grammy brought Nick to the Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall.

Nick loved the show, they had great music, lights, and a lot of scenes of New York City.
Nick especially liked the Rockettes, they did tap dances and danced in different patterns and sometimes made a long line across the stage.
Mom and grammy liked the Parade of the Wooden Soldiers best.  This dance has been performed the same way for many years, mom and grammy both saw this when they were little.
And there was a big dance about New York.  They had a red tourist bus on the stage and and showed lots of scenes from the city.

Christmas Eve in New York City

Now that Henry and Katie live far away, grammy decided to visit Nick for Christmas.  On Christmas Eve mom got tickets for us to go to Radio City to see the Christmas Spectacular.

We took the Long Island Rail Road to New York City.
We walked into the theater lobby.   Grammy told Nick, "I used to come here when I was a little girl.  And I brought your mom here when she was little too."
We found our seats and waited for the show to begin.  Mom told Nick, "get ready, you are going to love this show!  They have Santa, and lots of dancing girls, and a Nativity scene at the end."

Henry and Katie with Santa

Henry and Katie do not live in Massachusetts anymore, they live far away in California.  Mom was on Facebook and showed Nick this picture of his cousins visiting Santa.

Getting Ready for Christmas

Nick loves Christmas because he loves the lights and having a tree in the house.  Mom told Nick, "this is also a time to give gifts to people in our life.  You have to help with the shopping, card writing, and wrapping presents."

This is a picture of Nick writing cards to his teachers and classmates at school.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hello Christmas Tree!

On Saturday we went to The Dees Nursery to buy our Christmas tree.

Nick was happy when we pulled into the parking lot. Every year he wears his Santa hat, but this year he wore a Santa coat too!
We walked around inside the store because mom likes to look at all the holiday displays.  Nick was impatient, he wanted to go outside and choose a tree.
When we were outside mom could not decide on a tree, it took a long time, it took a long time to pick one and it started to get cold.  Finally Nick said to mom "tree home!" We asked a man to help and packed up our tree and put in on top of our car.
When we got home Nick helped dad setup the tree in the stand.
When the tree was in the stand, Nick cut the string and the tree popped open.  Then we put on the lights and decorations.
When Nick woke up on Sunday morning he turned on the lights right away.  We had breakfast in front of the tree.
Later that day we had dinner in front of the tree.  At night we sat quietly on the couch listening to music and looking at the lights.

Mom said, "this is the only time when you sit quietly with me on the couch.  But that's okay, I'll take it."

Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Beach Day

Today was a beautiful sunny day.  Mom said to Nick, "even though it December and cold, we are lucky to live in Long Beach and we can go to the beach for a short visit.

We went on the ocean at Neptune Blvd.

Nick was happy, he ran on the sand to the ocean.
Mom had to stop Nick from running into the water!
Nick played with the sand on the shore line.
Then we walked back to the car.  Mom showed Nick a small building on Neptune and Shore Road.  Mom said, "this was the first place that mom and dad lived in Long Beach."
Then we went home in the car.  Mom took Nick on a detour and showed Nick another building where mom and dad lived, on Penn Street.  Mom said, "this is where we lived before you were born.  Mom and dad had a lot of years in Long Beach before Nick came along."

Friday, November 28, 2014

Best Breakfast

On the day after Thanksgiving, mom likes to eat leftovers for breakfast.  This morning mom and Nick shared sunny side up eggs over stuffing with corn muffins on the side.  It was yummy!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Family far away on Thanksgiving

Today we had fun with Bob, Susan and Jesse who came to visit us for Thanksgiving.  But we have family far away and we could not be with them.

In Massachusetts, grammy made a turkey dinner for Amelia and Alasdair.
Henry and Katie were in Arizona visiting their grandparents and cousins.  They ate dinner outside by the pool!
Ryder had Thanksgiving in California, his family moved into their new house today.
And in our house, we did Skype with Jenni, Ryan, Myles and Donna.  They called us just in time for dinner, so we put the computer next to the table so we could see them.

Thanksgiving 2014

Today is Thanksgiving.  School and work are closed, and we make a big dinner and have our family over to visit.

Nick was annoyed in the morning, he wanted to go to school.
Nick helped dad take the turkey out of the oven.

Mom said, "I am so happy you sit down with us and eat the same dinner.  For many years we had to give you pizza to eat."
After dinner we had dessert and Uncle Bob played guitar.  He made up a song for Nick and we were all laughing and having a good time.

Brixx & Barley Restaurant

Last night mom and dad took Nick out to dinner to a new restaurant in Long Beach.

At first Nick did not want to go in, he wanted to have french fries at Burger King.  But mom said now, we were trying a new restaurant.
Nick ended up having a great time, he had lobster mac and cheese and even ate the garlic bread!

Mom said, "this is good news, now we have a new restaurant to go to in Long Beach."

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Meatloaf for Dinner

Every Sunday, mom makes dinner for Nick.  And every Sunday, Nick wants to eat chicken.  Today mom said, "I am tired of eating chicken every Sunday, now that the weather is getting cold again we are going to eat meatloaf for dinner."

At first Nick did not want to eat.  But then mom got Nick to take a bite.  And then Nick kept eating.  He finished his whole plate!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dad at work, far away

Today, dad had to go to work far away, in Baltimore city.  Dad will come home on Thursday night.

Nick watched from the window while dad got in the taxi.
We watched dad go in the taxi and drive away.  
Nick showed mom his Sunday list.  Dad and Nick always go shopping on Sunday.  Mom told Nick, "don't worry, I will take you to your stores today.  Then we will come home and make dinner and go out for ice cream for dessert."