Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Beach Day

Today was a beautiful sunny day.  Mom said to Nick, "even though it December and cold, we are lucky to live in Long Beach and we can go to the beach for a short visit.

We went on the ocean at Neptune Blvd.

Nick was happy, he ran on the sand to the ocean.
Mom had to stop Nick from running into the water!
Nick played with the sand on the shore line.
Then we walked back to the car.  Mom showed Nick a small building on Neptune and Shore Road.  Mom said, "this was the first place that mom and dad lived in Long Beach."
Then we went home in the car.  Mom took Nick on a detour and showed Nick another building where mom and dad lived, on Penn Street.  Mom said, "this is where we lived before you were born.  Mom and dad had a lot of years in Long Beach before Nick came along."


Nicole said...

Wow! Your old homes have changed so much! I remember them both well.

Grammy said...

I remember it well too. Then mom and dad moved to park st and Nick came to live there.