Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hello Christmas Tree!

On Saturday we went to The Dees Nursery to buy our Christmas tree.

Nick was happy when we pulled into the parking lot. Every year he wears his Santa hat, but this year he wore a Santa coat too!
We walked around inside the store because mom likes to look at all the holiday displays.  Nick was impatient, he wanted to go outside and choose a tree.
When we were outside mom could not decide on a tree, it took a long time, it took a long time to pick one and it started to get cold.  Finally Nick said to mom "tree home!" We asked a man to help and packed up our tree and put in on top of our car.
When we got home Nick helped dad setup the tree in the stand.
When the tree was in the stand, Nick cut the string and the tree popped open.  Then we put on the lights and decorations.
When Nick woke up on Sunday morning he turned on the lights right away.  We had breakfast in front of the tree.
Later that day we had dinner in front of the tree.  At night we sat quietly on the couch listening to music and looking at the lights.

Mom said, "this is the only time when you sit quietly with me on the couch.  But that's okay, I'll take it."


Grammy said...

Nick you look great. I remember so many times going to Dees with you and mom. Love your tree. Grammy is coming how about a nice picture of you and me in front of the tree? See you next week. Love you.

Nicole said...

I love the Santa hat, the tree and your smile, nick! Enjoy it all and give mom more of those special moments on the couch. :)
Aunt nicole