Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

Last week mom was working far away.  When mom came home, we did special things together.

We took a long walk on the Long Beach boardwalk.  We saw the new restaurants and people enjoying the first weekend of summer.  Our spring Iris flowers are in full bloom, and we went to the garden center to star planning our summer garden.  And of course, we decorated the house for the patriotic holiday.  We have Nick's red, white and blue flags displayed throughout the living room!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day.  Nick made mom beautiful cards at school and AHRC.  Nick and dad bought mom a beautiful lily flower pot.

Mom said, "thank you for these beautiful cards and flower pot, I love them!"

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Kinky Boots

Today we went to see an Autism Friendly performance of Kinky Boots, sponsored by Theater Development Fund (TDF).

Grammy came back to New York to see the show with us.  We had a great time and loved the show!

Here are some pictures from our day.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Farewell Picture

This week grammy told Nick, "I am going home, it has been  wonderful month visiting you!  We had lots of time together; eating dinners, watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, going to playgrounds and walking in town."

Nick and grammy had a big hug.  Then grammy said, "don't worry, I will be back in a week so we can go to the theater to see Kinky Boots!"

Monday, April 24, 2017

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Tonight was our last night with Aunt Nicole and cousin Ryder.  Aunt Nicole made us spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  It was so yummy, Nick sat at the table with us and had two servings!

Mom made a copy of the recipe so we can make them too!

Family FaceTime

On Sunday night we had FaceTime with Henry and Katie, and Aunt Stefani and Uncle Ned.

Here is a picture of Grammy, Nick, Aunt Nicole and Ryder talking to family far away.

Out and about

On Sunday, we decided to take Nick's little cousin Ryder to the Long Island Children's Museum.

Ryder loved playing in the digger truck and on the motorcycle!
 After the museum we went to the playground.  Nick and Ryder played on the swings.
Across from the park we saw a work site.  Ryder got to see a real digger truck!  Mom said, "let me take your picture, the tires are taller than you!"

Pizza Night

Saturday is pizza night in our house.  Aunt Nicole is visiting, and she said, "Nick, I am so excited to eat New York pizza again!"

Here is a picture of Grammy, Ryder and Nick eating their Saturday night pizza.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hamburgers on the grill

The weather is getting warmer and spring is here.  One night mom said, "it is too hot to turn on the oven to cook dinner, let's have our first BBQ of the season."

We had hamburgers and corn on the cob.  

In this picture Nick is getting a grilling lesson from dad!

Easter Pictures

Here are some pictures from our Easter week

Nick's seasonal display with artwork and lights from Aunt Stefani.
A picture with grammy at Hick's Nursery.
A selfie of Henry and Katie with their peeps!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Meeting up with Manny

Today mom, Nick and grammy went to Levy Nature preserve to take a walk.  While we were on the path, we saw Nick's classmate Manny and his mom!  They were also taking a walk on this beautiful spring day.

Mom took pictures of them sitting on a bench.  They were both wearing their black sweatshirts from the Long Beach VFW hall field trip last month.

Dad is Home from the Hospital

On Friday dad came home from the hospital, Nick had to be careful around dad.

Today dad went for a walk around the block.  Nick was playing outside and saw dad approaching, he ran up to him and walked with him back to the house.

Dad in the Hospital

This week dad went to the hospital to have an operation.  Nick was asking about dad, so mom took Nick there for a visit in the evenings.

At first Nick was happy to visit a new building.  But when we got to the room Nick looked very serious.  Mom would not let Nick get too close to dad or touch anything in the room or near the bed.

On the second night Nick was more comfortable and had a smile on his face.  Dad said, "Thanks Nick, this was the highlight of my day!"

Airplane View of Long Beach

Last Sunday mom came home from a business trip.  The plane flew over Long Beach, and mom took this picture from the airplane window.  Mom showed it to Nick on the iPad, and Nick zoomed in on the picture and pointed out places in town!

Golf Glow

While mom was working far away, an email arrived from Nick's teacher.  It said, "Nick had a great time at Glow Golf in Roosevelt Field. He even tried out the laser maze. He was pretty creative with the way he got the golf ball in each hole but most importantly he had fun - he would try to kick or move the ball with his feet!"

Interesting Artwork

One night, when mom and Nick were cleaning up Nick's room, mom found this picture.  It looks like a t-shirt that says, "With a song in my heart."  Mom asked Nick where this phrase came from, and we looked at Nick's t-shirt collection but we could not fine one that matched.

Mom said, "Well, I guess the inspiration for your interesting artwork will be a mystery."

Grammy's Spring Visit

This month, grammy is paying a long visit to help while mom is working far away and during daddy's operation.

Here is a picture when grammy arrived.  She is asking about Nick's new sound machine, which Nick did not want to share!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is March 21st, it is mom's birthday.  Nick gave mom three things:

  1. A handmade card
  2. Pansy flowers for the garden
  3. Chocolate birthday cake!

Mom said, "thank you for my cake and presents, they were perfect gifts!"

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Visit from Aunt Stefani

This weekend we had a visitor, Aunt Stefani came to spend the weekend!

She gave Nick a new white t-shirt with a picture of a brown bear and the words "Protect California."

On Friday night we had steak dinner together. Nick was too busy eating to pose for a picture.

It was very cold this weekend, but Nick still wanted to go out for his Saturday night Carvel ice cream.  When we got there we found that the store was CLOSED.
Nick asked to go to Baskin Robbins instead, so that's what we did.  Nick has not been there for awhile but the ladies behind the counter still remembered him and greeted him by name.

While Nick ate his ice cream we did FaceTime with Henry and Katie far away in California.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lido Nature Preserve

Today was bit colder than last Sunday.  Mom likes to take Nick out to play and get some sun, so today we went to the Lido Nature Preserve to walk around.  We have not been there before, it had nice walking paths on the bay, we could see Reynolds Channel and New York City in the distance.  Nick also explored the gardens.

Mom said, "we should visit again in the warmer weather, things will look much greener in the spring and summer."

Residence Inn - Marriott Hotels

This week Nick was on vacation from school.  As in previous years, dad took Nick away to a hotel for a few days.  They called mom on FaceTime from the hotel, Nick had a great time and is already planning his next visit in April!

Sunny Sunday!

Last Sunday was very warm for February.  Usually, mom or dad take Nick to an outdoor place to get some sun and exercise.

Last week, dad took mom and Nick to Pacific playground and then he went home.  Nick played in the park, and then we walked home.  It was 2 miles on the boardwalk, but it was a beautiful day and there were so may people enjoying the day with us!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day.  Mom came home from a business trip to Philadelphia, and Nick gave mom flowers and beautiful artwork to decorate the house.

We took this selfie with the little chimes that Nick made in school.
Nick got a gift in the mail from grammy, it is a little light set with his name.  Mom said, "Wow, lucky Nick gets more lights for his room!"

Monday, February 6, 2017

Happy Birthday Katie!

Today is Katie's birthday, she is seven years old!  We called her to say Happy Birthday on FaceTime.
Here is a picture of Katie celebrating at home.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy Birthday Ryder!

Today is Ryder's birthday, he is three years old!  Nick wished his little cousin a happy birthday on FaceTime. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dinner Date at Applebee's

Last night, we had no food in the house for dinner.  Instead of going to the store to buy food, mom said, "let's go out for dinner tonight, you can pick the restaurant."

Nick chose Applebee's, so that's where we went.  Nick looked at the pictures in the menu and chose his shrimp dinner.  Mom tried to get Nick to order something different but that's what he wanted.  He was all smiles during dinner!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Steak Dinner

Lately, Nick has been eating something new for dinner.  He has been eating steak dinner!

Tonight, mom and Nick followed dad's recipe:

We took the steaks out of the package and put them on the plate to season and marinade.
 Add pepper and garlic powder.
Then a generous coating of freshly cut thyme.
Pour olive oil and then poke with the fork.  Repeat on the second side.
 Then we cook them on the induction grill.
Steak dinner - yummy yummy!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Happy Birthday Henry!

This weekend was Henry's birthday.  He is far away in California, so we cannot have birthday cake with him.  But we did send a card and got this picture of him on his special day!

Shell Creek Park

Mom and Nick like to go out together on Sunday.  Today we went to Shell Creek Park, we used to go there a lot when Nick was little.

Nick played in the park and then we walked around the perimeter by the water.  We saw boats, big houses, the north side of Long Beach, and Jones Beach tower.

There were a lot of geese in the park today.  At one point a large grouping of birds made noises and then flew up into the air together.  Nick was alarmed but he did not get scared like when he was little.  
In these pictures, Nick is walking back to the car with geese on the side of the path.

Mom said, "You have come a long way from your fear of birds, I'm so proud of you!"

Pizza Pillow

Nick's Auntie Nicole sent him a pizza pillow as a Christmas gift.  Nick liked it a lot but he ripped out the tags and the pillow opened up and made a mess in the house so mom took it away.

Today mom sewed up the hole and now Nick is happy because he has his pizza pillow back!

Snowy Walk

Two weekends ago, we got a surprise snowstorm.  Nick had no Saturday program, and he was sad about that mom.  Mom took Nick for a walk in the snow.

We walked up Lindell Blvd toward the bay.
Then we walked on the red path along the bay.
We went to the Magnolia Street park but the gate was locked.  Then Nick saw another entrance that was open.
 The snow was steady but it was not too cold.  Nick sat on the swing in a contemplative mood.
 Here is Nick going down the slide in the snow.
The sun set and it was dark.  We had a moonlight walk home in the snow.  Nick was very happy as we walked through the snowy streets.

Long Beach Calendar

Nick loves calendars.  But most of all, he loves the calendar from the City of Long Beach.  Every year we wait for the calendar to come in the mail.  This year it was late.

Then mom saw a posting on Facebook, it said the calendars were in the mail.

Mom showed Nick the posting.  He checked the mailbox several times a day.
When the calendar arrived, we looked at all the beautiful pictures taken by local residents.

Nick wasted no time planning out his year.  This is his January schedule.  He has his school days, Saturday program, and half days all mapped out.

Mom said, "Wow Nick, you really have everything all planned out!"