Monday, December 27, 2010

Lots of Snow!

A few weeks ago Nick was asking for snow. Mommy said, "I can't make snow, we have to wait." Well, on Sunday night we got lots of snow! Mommy and Nick put on coats and hats and went outside in to play in the snow.

Nick took the brush out of the car and helped to clean the windows, but the snow was so heavy it hardly helped.

The next day we opened the curtains and there was so much snow we could not believe it. The snow drifts went half way up the window.

After breakfast we put on coats and went outside to play. Nick was so happy to play in the snow, he was running all around the front yard.

Mommy took this funny picture of Nick on the porch.

The porch looks so different from the summertime!

Christmas 2010

Nick loves Christmas, and finally Christmas Day was here!

We had a some of our family over for dinner. Uncle Bob brought his electric violin. He showed it to Nick and tried to give Nick a music lesson, but Nick did not want to play music.

While Uncle Bob played music Nick played on his computer. We had to keep telling Nick to turn down his computer speakers so we could hear the violin music.

Then we exchanged presents. McKenzie gave Nick a Christmas present.

Nick took off the wrapping paper and it was a light box that looks like a fish tank.

After dinner and dessert, Mommy did not hear or see Nick. He was sitting on the couch with his cousin Jesse.

When everyone was gone, mommy and Nick watched the fish tank light.
Mommy said, "I hope you had a good Christmas. You are a very lucky boy to have presents and people who love you."

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nick's Christmas Tree

Today is Sunday, December 19. Mommy showed Nick the calendar, and we saw the words Get Christmas Tree! Nick has been waiting for weeks and weeks and now the day is finally here!

After breakfast McKenzie came over and we all went to The Dees Nursery. We looked at lights and ornaments and then we went to see the rows and rows of trees. Nick helped pick out a tree, and he even tried to pick it up himself.

Then we came home and Nick helped carry the tree into the house.

Nick helped stand up the tree and then he cut off the string. The tree popped open and we could see all the branches.

Then we put on the lights and Nick helped decorate. We have so many ornaments in the boxes, and it's a good thing because the tree was so big.

Now the tree is decorated and beautiful. After dinner mommy came into the room and Nick was sitting in a chair looking at the tree. Mommy sat down with Nick and we looked at the tree together.

Merry Christmas Nick!

Nick on Ice

Last week Nick came home from school with a paper that said his class was going on a class trip - they were going ice skating! Mommy has taken Nick to the Long Beach Ice Arena to watch people skate, but Nick has never put on skates.

McKenzie sent Nick to school with extra sweatshirt, hat and gloves. When Nick came home his teacher wrote that all the kids did a great job and had fun. Then she sent home pictures.

This is a picture of Nick with his teacher Ms. Weitzman, and her brother Mr. Weitzman.

In this picture Nick is skating with no help. Mommy was so impressed!

Looks like we will have to take Nick skating again - great job Nick!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Want Snow!

A few days ago we got some snow. It was not a lot, just enough to cover the sidewalk and the trees. Nick was so happy when he saw that it was snowing, he kept opening up the window and putting his hand out to catch some!

But the next day was not cold enough, and the snow was all gone. Nick was sad. After school he asked McKenzie for snow. And when mommy came home from work he asked mommy for snow.

When mommy and Nick went to the store Nick wanted to buy shovels and brushes to clean the car. Mommy said we don't need them but Nick said, "I want snow."

Nick also looked at pictures on the computer where he was playing in snow. These are some of the pictures.

Mommy said, "I know you love to play in the snow. Hopefully it will snow soon and Nick can go out and play!"

Images of Long Beach

Nick loves living in Long Beach, and Nick loves to look at pictures of Long Beach on his computer. Last week daddy took Nick to Barnes and Noble Booksellers, and they bought a book about Long Beach.

Nick likes to ask someone to read him the words under the pictures. Sometimes Nick sits down and looks at the pictures by himself. This is a picture of Nick eating his dinner and looking at the pictures in the Long Beach book.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Chanukah! Christmas is Coming!

Halloween and Thanksgiving are all done. Now it is December, Nick's favorite time of year! Nick loves to have the Chanukah candles and a Christmas tree. Lately when mommy comes home, Nick is playing Christmas movies on YouTube, and he likes to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas movie at night.

Mommy and Nick went to a store and they have big Santa and snowmen. Nick wanted to take all of them home and he tried to put them in the cart but mommy said, "No Nick, we can have a little Santa and little snowman in the house, but no big Santa or snowman outside."

When we came home Nick asked mommy for Happy Chanukah Candles. Mommy went up in the attic and got them down for Nick, then he put them on a table with a little tree and gingerbread house.

Nick was very happy. Mommy said, "oh goodie, another holiday shrine..."