Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nick's Christmas Tree

Today is Sunday, December 19. Mommy showed Nick the calendar, and we saw the words Get Christmas Tree! Nick has been waiting for weeks and weeks and now the day is finally here!

After breakfast McKenzie came over and we all went to The Dees Nursery. We looked at lights and ornaments and then we went to see the rows and rows of trees. Nick helped pick out a tree, and he even tried to pick it up himself.

Then we came home and Nick helped carry the tree into the house.

Nick helped stand up the tree and then he cut off the string. The tree popped open and we could see all the branches.

Then we put on the lights and Nick helped decorate. We have so many ornaments in the boxes, and it's a good thing because the tree was so big.

Now the tree is decorated and beautiful. After dinner mommy came into the room and Nick was sitting in a chair looking at the tree. Mommy sat down with Nick and we looked at the tree together.

Merry Christmas Nick!

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Nicole said...

Another year, another tree, Nick! I love all the pictures and also picturing you in my head sitting in front of the tree with your mom.

miss you and merry christmas!!
xoxo, aunt nicole