Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Want Snow!

A few days ago we got some snow. It was not a lot, just enough to cover the sidewalk and the trees. Nick was so happy when he saw that it was snowing, he kept opening up the window and putting his hand out to catch some!

But the next day was not cold enough, and the snow was all gone. Nick was sad. After school he asked McKenzie for snow. And when mommy came home from work he asked mommy for snow.

When mommy and Nick went to the store Nick wanted to buy shovels and brushes to clean the car. Mommy said we don't need them but Nick said, "I want snow."

Nick also looked at pictures on the computer where he was playing in snow. These are some of the pictures.

Mommy said, "I know you love to play in the snow. Hopefully it will snow soon and Nick can go out and play!"

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