Sunday, September 29, 2013

Yet Another Beach Weekend

This weekend the weather was sunny and over 70 degrees.  It as beautiful weather for sitting outside and playing on the side of the house.  But Nick wanted to go to the beach.  Mom said, "sometimes it is cooler at the beach, we will wear sweat shirts just in case we are too cold.

When we got to the beach there was good news.  The boardwalk has been built up to Lindell Blvd, we could see people riding their bikes up above!
Then we went down to the shore line, the air was very comfortable and the water was not too cold.  We stayed a long time with our feet in the water and watching the waves.  Mom asked Nick if he was having a good time but Nick did not did say any words.  Mom said, "that's okay, lots of people come to the beach to be quiet and clear their thoughts.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Good-Bye Summer

Today was a beautiful sunny day.  Now that it is September the weather is getting cooler.  Mom told Nick it is time to say good-bye to summer.   

We have been going to beach on Sundays.  Today mom told Nick he had to keep his sweatshirt on, and he could not go in the water past the knees because there are no lifeguards on duty.
When we came back to the house Nick ran into the pool.  Mom told Nick it is too cold to go in the pool, but Nick did not listen.  He jumped in the water and then jumped out shivering and said, "towel! towel!"

Mom said, "it is the end of September, we are going to close the pool because it is too cold for swimming.  That's what it means to say good-bye to summer."

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Visitors

This past weekend was Labor Day weekend, it is the end of summer and soon Nick and his classmates will be back in school.  Mom had a surprise for Nick, on Thursday grammy came to visit.

Mom had a surprise for Nick, on Thursday grammy came to visit!
Grammy stayed with us for the weekend.  Nick was happy and always walking around with a big smile on his face.
On Saturday we had more visitors.  This is a picture of mom with Nick and Derek.  Mom and Derek grew up together, now Nick is taller than mom and almost as big as Derek!

On Sunday Bobby, grandpa and Myles came to visit.  Mom tried to get a good picture of the Reminick men together, Nick was being silly and not very cooperative.