Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dad at work, far away

Today, dad had to go to work far away, in Baltimore city.  Dad will come home on Thursday night.

Nick watched from the window while dad got in the taxi.
We watched dad go in the taxi and drive away.  
Nick showed mom his Sunday list.  Dad and Nick always go shopping on Sunday.  Mom told Nick, "don't worry, I will take you to your stores today.  Then we will come home and make dinner and go out for ice cream for dessert."

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday with Mom

Last week, mom was far away at work.  On Sunday, mom said to Nick, "I missed you a lot while I was gone.  It's a beautiful day in Long Beach, let's do something together."

We went for a long walk on the boardwalk, it was a perfect day, we walked all the way to other side of town, and then went out for lunch.

We took this selfie while we were sitting on the benches.

Mom said, "what a perfect picture to remember this nice day together."

Spooky Spider Lights

It is October, and Halloween is coming.  Nick started to decorate the house this weekend.

This year Nick bought colorful lights with spiders on them.

Mom said, "I don't think I want that hanging in our living room.  Let's hang them in Nick's room."

That's what we did.  Nick likes to lie in bed and look at his spooky spider lights on the wall.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mom at work, far away

Tomorrow mom has to go on a trip for work.  Mom will be gone for 6 days.  Mom made Nick a schedule so he can remember when mom will be home.