Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spiderman Goes to the Dance

Last week, Nick went to the Best Pals Halloween Dance.

We kept the invitation on the refrigerator to remember the day.
McKenzie bought Nick a great costume, Nick was Spiderman!

Mom took pictures outside.  McKenzie showed Nick how to shape his hands the way Spiderman does when he spins a web.
But mostly Nick was running around the yard
and swinging from the tree, just like Spiderman!

Mom picked up Nick at the dance, his teachers said he had a great time.

On Saturday Nick got to wear his costume again at AHRC. 

And he gets to wear it one more time, on October 31 for Halloween.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Little Portraits

Mom has new portrait pictures of Henry and Katie, they are sitting on mom's desk.  Mom keeps telling Nick, "don't touch the pictures please," but Nick likes to look at them.  

Then mom said, "wait, I have little copies of the portraits, you can have the little pictures and then you can look at them anytime you like."

A Visit from Henry and Katie

On Friday, mom gave Nick surprise news. 

Mom said, "your cousins Henry and Katie are coming to visit."
The cousins enjoyed Gino's pizza for dinner together.
The next day we went to the Fall Festival in town.  Nick did not want to go, so he stayed home.  Mom showed Nick the pictures on the computer.  This is Henry and Katie on the carousel. 
Mom and Henry rode the Ferris Wheel together.
We were high in the air and we could see the whole festival.  Mom does not like heights, but Henry loved the view.  He was pointing out the ocean, the bay, and all the tall buildings.
We got a picture of Stefani and Katie on the seat behind us, Katie was not scared at all.

Mom said to Nick, "I'm sorry you did not come with us, you would have had a good time at the festival.  At least you still had a fun visit with your cousins."

Nick's Pool is Closed

October is here, it is too cold to swim in Nick's pool outside, so now the pool is closed.  The cover is on top, and Nick is sad.  Mom told Nick, "don't forget, the pool will be open again in June."