Saturday, December 28, 2013

Time to Go Home

On Thursday our Christmas visit was done and it was time to take the long car ride home.

We packed up all our things and carried them down to the lobby.  Grammy and Nick waited for mom to bring the car around.  

Grammy said to Nick, "I loved seeing you for Christmas and you were a good house guest this year."

Christmas Family Portraits

It wouldn't be Christmas without family portraits in front of the tree.

In this picture Nick was clapping and singing, it looks like he is saying, "oh no, no more pictures!"
Mom took another picture, this one was better.  It is grammy with her three grandchildren.
Then mom took a picture of the men.  This is Alasdair, Henry, Ned, Nick (on chair) and Shaun.

We took this picture a few years ago and Henry and Nick were so little then, not the case anymore.

Skype with Family Far Away

We use Skype to talk to family far away, we can see them on the computer.  On Christmas Eve we talked to Aunt Nicole and Uncle Brian, they are in California.  On Christmas Day we Skyped with Aunt Hilary, Sarah, Zoe, and Uncle Randy in Florida.

Uncle Ned walked around so everyone could say hi.  This is cousin Alasdair and Auntie Amelia with grammy talking to Hilary, Sarah and Zoe.
This is cousin Shaun, Epiphania and Solange talking to Aunt Hilary, Sarah and Zoe.
Then Henry and Nick got a turn.  Nick only said Hi, he did not want to say anymore words.  But everyone said it was nice to see him and how big he has grown!

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day we went to Henry and Katie's house.

The house was all decorated for the holiday.
Henry and Katie got Kindles for Christmas, they showed us how to play games.
We had two tables for dinner, Nick and mom sat with Henry and Katie.  Nick ate all his dinner.
The grownups sat at the big table, then we joined them for dessert.

Christmas Eve

On Tuesday, mom and Nick took the long drive to Massachusetts.  We got to grammy's building and helped her finish making the dinner.  Then Henry, Katie, Aunt Stefani and Uncle Ned arrived.

Grammy has a little silver tree, just like nana used to have.

After lasagna dinner, the kids sat patiently until we opened presents.

Baking for the Holidays

Everybody likes desserts at parties, especially at Christmas time.

Last weekend mom and Nick made cupcakes to share with our family.
And up in Massachusetts, Henry and Katie were making holiday cookies.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hello Christmas Tree!

This weekend was one of the happiest days of the year for Nick, we bought our Christmas tree!

Nick was waiting outside when it was time to go to Dees Nursery.
We walked the grounds until we found the perfect tree.
Nick is so big and strong he was able to carry the tree by himself, mom and McKenzie did not have to help!
When we got home we put the tree on the stand and gave it water.
Then we put on the lights and the decorations.
When all the work was done we sat down and enjoyed the new tree.