Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday in New York City

Mommy and Nick took the train to New York City.

First we went to mommy's work. Nick likes to go to mommy's work because there are big rooms with tables and chairs, and Nick likes to look out the window. He can see the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, cars on the street and water and boats.

Nick also sat down at mommy's desk and looked at his picture on the wall.

Then we met grammy and went to grammy's building. Nick loves to look out the window at grammy's house because he can see two bridges.

He sits on the bench and looks out the window for a long time.

We had pizza dinner with grammy and then took the bus to the train home.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend Trip with Daddy

Last weekend Daddy and Nick went away on a trip. Daddy told Nick on Friday that they were going to the Hampton Inn and there was a swimming pool! Nick knows those words and he ran to the closet and got his bathing suit and put it on right away. Daddy let Nick wear the bathing suit under his clothes and he took Nick to Gino's for pizza dinner. Then they went in the car for the drive to the hotel.

Mommy sent Nick a present for Valentine's Day. It was a new book with pictures of New York City. Nick liked looking at the pictures of the new book.

But daddy also gave Nick a Valentine's Day present. It was a little DVD player, and Nick could use it to watch movies. Nick really loved this present. Sometimes he sat in the bed with headphones on and watched and listened to his movies.

But the best of all was the pool. Nick and daddy went to the pool many times and Nick loved it. He jumped in the water and even swam in the deep water. Daddy took pictures and movies of Nick in the pool and then Nick and mommy watched the movies together on the computer.

When Daddy and Nick were in the room Nick liked to sit at the window and watch the cars go by on the road. Nick loves to look at maps, and this view was high up so Nick could see houses and buildings and roads from his window.

Daddy asked Nick if he would like to go back to the Hampton Inn again. Nick said no, but Nick says no all the time, I bet Nick will want to go back to the hotel again. Look how much fun he had at the Hampton Inn with Daddy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Henry

Last month was cousin Henry's 5th Birthday. Mommy and Nick picked out a present and sent it in the mail because we could not be there for Henry's birthday party.

His birthday cake looked like a map of the world, and he and his friends pretended to travel to different countries. All of the kids made flags and played games and ate food from different countries.

This is a picture of Henry and Aunt Stefani in front of the birthday cake. Henry sent us this picture on the computer.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Books and Bedtime

At bedtime, Nick puts on pajamas and then goes into the bathroom to brush teeth and wash up. Sometimes Nick goes into his bed and falls asleep right away, and sometimes he stays awake for a long time.

Mommy took this picture of Nick last weekend. Nick was jumping in bed trying to stay awake. Mommy got the flashlight and one of Nick's New York City books. Mommy read from the book and Nick listened to the words and looked at the pages. Then mommy put the book in Nick's lap and said goodnight, and mommy left the light so that Nick could look at the book by himself.

Later mommy came back to the room and Nick was sleeping with the New York City book still open and the light still on.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

All About AHRC

On most Saturdays, Nick goes to AHRC to play. It is a long drive from the house, but mommy and Nick love the car ride. When we get off the Parkway there are tall beautiful trees and winding roads. Mommy always talks about the seasons when we are on this drive. In the spring the trees have flowers. In the summer the leaves are green. In the autumn all the trees are different colors like red and orange and yellow. In the winter the trees have no leaves and we can see the houses behind them.

AHRC has two school buildings and a big house on a campus, and kids come from all over to go to school there. On Saturday some of those kids come back for Respite Program, and Nick goes there too.

There is a big gym with stairs and bikes and basketball hoops. Sometimes the kids go to cooking class, or someone comes in with a guitar and lets all the kids play musical instruments. There are playgrounds outside and in the summer the kids play in the pool.

When mommy drops off Nick he walks the hallway to his room. He takes off his knapsack and coat and the first thing he does is look out the window.

When mommy comes to pick Nick up he smiles and hugs mommy and says "Wendy's" because mommy and Nick always got to eat french fries at Wendy's after AHRC.

Mommy showed Nick on the calendar that there is no AHRC for the next two weeks. Nick said "Mommy, I want AHRC play."