Sunday, February 8, 2009

All About AHRC

On most Saturdays, Nick goes to AHRC to play. It is a long drive from the house, but mommy and Nick love the car ride. When we get off the Parkway there are tall beautiful trees and winding roads. Mommy always talks about the seasons when we are on this drive. In the spring the trees have flowers. In the summer the leaves are green. In the autumn all the trees are different colors like red and orange and yellow. In the winter the trees have no leaves and we can see the houses behind them.

AHRC has two school buildings and a big house on a campus, and kids come from all over to go to school there. On Saturday some of those kids come back for Respite Program, and Nick goes there too.

There is a big gym with stairs and bikes and basketball hoops. Sometimes the kids go to cooking class, or someone comes in with a guitar and lets all the kids play musical instruments. There are playgrounds outside and in the summer the kids play in the pool.

When mommy drops off Nick he walks the hallway to his room. He takes off his knapsack and coat and the first thing he does is look out the window.

When mommy comes to pick Nick up he smiles and hugs mommy and says "Wendy's" because mommy and Nick always got to eat french fries at Wendy's after AHRC.

Mommy showed Nick on the calendar that there is no AHRC for the next two weeks. Nick said "Mommy, I want AHRC play."

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Nicole said...

Hi Nick!
I noticed you're wearing the NYC subway shirt that Grammy got you! What a big smile you have in that picture, I love it. I'm glad you shared pictures of AHRC. I've always wondered what it's like there and what you do. It sounds like you really enjoy going to AHRC. Two weeks must feel like a long time to not go there. But think how much fun it will be when you go back!
love, Aunt Nicole