Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little Snowmen

Today is Sunday. We had no place to go, and there is still so much snow on the ground that we could not go to the playground. Mommy said, "hey, let's go outside and build a snowman."

Nick did not say yes, but he was happy to put on boots and a coat. Mommy gathered some supplies: we cut up an old shirt to make a scarf, took out a bag of buttons to make eyes and a nose, and we took old hats out of the closet.

While we were outside mommy showed Nick how to pack snow into a ball. Nick was not a good helper, he wanted to play in the snow instead. But mommy made Nick help. When we were all done we had two little snowmen in front of our house.

Monday, January 24, 2011

School Surprise

Today is Monday, and Nick went to school today. At the end of the school day Nick did not go on the school bus, instead Nick went to a room at the guidance office. Mommy and McKenzie were sitting there with Nick's teachers.

At first Nick looked surprised, then he was quiet and thinking. We told him to sit at the table and he walked across the room and sat at a chair at the end of the table.

While we were talking Nick wrote requests on a piece of paper. Sometimes he looked at books in the room and at one point picked up a vase of water and gave it to the plants on the window sill.

When the meeting was all one mommy and McKenzie and Nick walked to the car. Nick wanted to go to the Pelham Bay Bridge, but mommy told Nick it was too far to drive. Then we came home and Nick played computer and ate dinner.

That night Nick was loud and silly when he came into mommy's room. He looked at the picture mommy took at school today. Mommy said, "I am going to put this on your blog. Will you look at it on your computer?"

Nick did not say any words. Just like at school, he was quiet and thinking.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Tree All Done

Here is a picture of Nick's Christmas tree. Mommy took this picture for Nick so he could remember, because this is the weekend when the tree is all done.

Nick made a December calendar at school. It shows the happy day when we brought the tree home.

And the January calendar shows the day the tree is all done. Mommy has been showing Nick the calendar all week.

Today daddy took Nick to the Rec Center pool, and when they were done they drove around town. Daddy showed Nick that all the houses say goodbye to their tree.

When Nick came home he was sad but he did not cry. He looked at the calendar and he asked for "December" and "presents." Then Nick took a pen and paper and wrote out all the months of the year. Mommy reminded Nick that in the summer he has a pool, and that in December we will have a new tree.

Just like last year, mommy gave Nick a little tree on the table. At first Nick did not want to decorate it, but before he went to bed he put all the tiny ornaments on his little tree.

Goodbye Christmas Tree - we will miss you!

Happy New Year

This year we did something different. Mommy and Nick went to Henry's house for New Years instead of Christmas.

Henry was very excited because he was allowed to stay up late and watch the ball drop. He bought us glasses and hats to wear for the celebration!

Nick did not stay up and mommy barely made it. This is a picture of Henry, Aunt Stefani and Uncle Ned right before midnight. After the ball dropped we blew our horns and said "Happy New Year!" and gave each other kisses.

The next day we went to the park to go snow tubing. Aunt Stefani and Uncle Ned got Nick got a new red tube as a Christmas present because they remember how much he liked it last year.

When we came home grammy was taking care of Nick's little cousin, baby Katie.

The next day it was time to go home. Nick played on his computer while mommy packed up our things in the car.

Then we took the long drive home. Nick was a good boy in the car. When we got to the bridge Nick kept telling mommy which way to drive. Mommy said, "I know you are good at GoogleMaps, but don't worry, mommy knows the way home."

We got home in time to have dinner. Nick was happy to see his own Christmas tree and play on his own computer....and sleep in his own bed!