Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday at the Beach

Today is Easter Sunday. It is a beautiful sunny day, so mommy and Nick took a walk together. Usually Nick likes to walk on the same streets all the time, but today Nick listed to mommy and we walked on new streets. We found the Belaire Pizzeria and mommy and Nick went in and had pizza lunch.

Then we walked to the beach. Nick was so excited when we found a pathway to the beach. He said to mommy, "ocean."

We walked on the sand to the water. Mommy and Nick walked out onto the rocks. Nick was very happy, he never did this before. He loved to sit and look out and the waves.

Nick even reached down to touch the water.

Mommy tried to get Nick to walk on the sand but it did not work. Nick wanted to play in the ocean. The water was so cold! But Nick did not care, he still jumped in the water and splashed water all around.

Finally mommy convinced Nick that it was time to go home. We sat down to sit with our feet in the sun so that we could clean the sand off our feet. Look how went Nick's pants are!

Then we went up to the boardwalk and sat on a bench. We watch other people playing in the sand and in the water. All the people were happy.

Then we walked home on the boardwalk. Nick kept saying, "May, June." Nick did not like our cold rainy April and he wants summer to begin.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthday Cousins

Nick's cousin Jesse has changed her name to April, and her birthday is in April! Nick's cousin Jenni has her birthday in May.

This weekend we had a family dinner. After dinner Nick brought out little cupcakes with candles and sang Happy Birthday to his cousins. After dessert mommy tried to take a picture, but Nick was silly and laughing and would not stand still.

Oh well, at least everyone looks happy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bye Bye Birds

A few years ago, when Nick was little, birds flew around Nick and he got scared. Ever since then, Nick has been afraid of big birds like and pigeons and seagulls. When mommy, daddy, or McKenzie take Nick out to stores or to the park to play, we tell Nick to say things like, "bye, bye, birds," or "it's okay." But Nick is still afraid. So today, Nick's teachers Weitzman and Ms. Falbee came to our house. They took Nick to the beach with mommy and McKenzie.

At first Nick was afraid. He sat on the bench and played in the sand. We could tell that he wanted to go to the ocean but he was too afraid. We gave Nick Skittles and let him take off his shoes and socks. We waited for a long time and it seemed like Nick would not go to the ocean, so we all put on our shoes and got ready to go home. Nick pointed to the water and said, "ocean."

Finally Nick started walking towards the ocean.

He walked slowly and was scared when birds flew close to us.

Finally we made it to the ocean. There are storms coming to Long Beach so the waves were very big.

The Nick surprised us by running towards the water! His teacher ran after him and then they got caught on the surf, Nick's shoes got all wet and full of sand!

Then we walked home together. We were all so proud of Nick.

Bye, bye, birds.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday McKenzie

Yesterday was McKenzie's Birthday. In the morning we left McKenzie flowers with a Birthday card made by Nick. When mommy came home from work the three of us went to have dinner at The Outback Steakhouse. McKenzie and Nick go there all the time to eat dinner, but this was the first time that mommy went along too. At first Nick was mopey, he wanted to go to Michael's. But then the food arrived and Nick ate his coconut shrimp and broccoli. Mommy was very impressed that Nick ate these new foods and that Nick was good in the restaurant.

Then mommy and Nick went to Waldbaums and Nick picked out cupcakes and candles. We went home and Nick sang the Happy Birthday song.

When the song was done Nick started to blow out the candles himself but mommy said, "wait, let McKenzie blow out the candles!" She got in there just in time or Nick would have blown out the candles by himself!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grammy's Old Building

On Friday night Nick showed mommy and daddy a note he printed from the computer.

Those were a lot of words! Nick is happy that spring is coming, and he is always talking about visiting grammy's old building in New Rochelle.

Nick also showed mommy a picture he printed from the computer. It is people riding their bikes across a bridge. It is the Pelham Bay Bridge, and that is the bridge that we used drive on to get to grammy's building. Mommy can't believe that Nick still remembers the way to grammy's house.

Nick travels the route all the time on Google Maps, so that must be why he remembers!

Nick Remembers Theresa

Today was a beautiful sunny day. Mommy told Nick we could go to the playground so Nick could ride his scooter. But when we were in the car, Nick did not want to go to the park. Nick pointed and told mommy to keep driving straight, and we went to Point Lookout. Nick said, "Theresa."

Theresa was Nick's speech teacher. Nick used to visit her every week to play and practice talking. Mommy told Nick that Theresa might not be there, but we would look and see. We got to the little house and Nick opened the screen door. He knocked on the red door but Theresa was not inside. He asked mommy for the car keys, but mommy said they would not open the door.

Nick also looked in the windows, but no one was inside.

Then Nick said he wanted to walk. Mommy asked where we were going but Nick did not say any words.

In a few minutes we got to a playground. Mommy said, "oh, I guess you knew about this park."

Nick climbed high on the ladders, ran in the sand, and rode high on the swing.

Then we were all done playing and walked back to the car. Mommy told Nick, "I will call Theresa to see if we can come back to visit soon."

Bounce Universe

Mommy has never taken Nick to Bounce Universe, but mommy knows that Nick has been there before. Nick took out an old book of stories from his classroom two years ago. Nick opened the book and put it in mommy's lap. Mommy read all the words on the page.

Nick pointed to a yellow square when mommy read the words, "Bounce for Autism field trip."

Mommy said, "I saw a note that said your class is going to Bounce Universe soon, is that why you showed this to mommy?" Nick did not say any words, but he smiled and took the book into his room.