Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nick Remembers Theresa

Today was a beautiful sunny day. Mommy told Nick we could go to the playground so Nick could ride his scooter. But when we were in the car, Nick did not want to go to the park. Nick pointed and told mommy to keep driving straight, and we went to Point Lookout. Nick said, "Theresa."

Theresa was Nick's speech teacher. Nick used to visit her every week to play and practice talking. Mommy told Nick that Theresa might not be there, but we would look and see. We got to the little house and Nick opened the screen door. He knocked on the red door but Theresa was not inside. He asked mommy for the car keys, but mommy said they would not open the door.

Nick also looked in the windows, but no one was inside.

Then Nick said he wanted to walk. Mommy asked where we were going but Nick did not say any words.

In a few minutes we got to a playground. Mommy said, "oh, I guess you knew about this park."

Nick climbed high on the ladders, ran in the sand, and rode high on the swing.

Then we were all done playing and walked back to the car. Mommy told Nick, "I will call Theresa to see if we can come back to visit soon."

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