Monday, April 11, 2011

Bye Bye Birds

A few years ago, when Nick was little, birds flew around Nick and he got scared. Ever since then, Nick has been afraid of big birds like and pigeons and seagulls. When mommy, daddy, or McKenzie take Nick out to stores or to the park to play, we tell Nick to say things like, "bye, bye, birds," or "it's okay." But Nick is still afraid. So today, Nick's teachers Weitzman and Ms. Falbee came to our house. They took Nick to the beach with mommy and McKenzie.

At first Nick was afraid. He sat on the bench and played in the sand. We could tell that he wanted to go to the ocean but he was too afraid. We gave Nick Skittles and let him take off his shoes and socks. We waited for a long time and it seemed like Nick would not go to the ocean, so we all put on our shoes and got ready to go home. Nick pointed to the water and said, "ocean."

Finally Nick started walking towards the ocean.

He walked slowly and was scared when birds flew close to us.

Finally we made it to the ocean. There are storms coming to Long Beach so the waves were very big.

The Nick surprised us by running towards the water! His teacher ran after him and then they got caught on the surf, Nick's shoes got all wet and full of sand!

Then we walked home together. We were all so proud of Nick.

Bye, bye, birds.


Dawn said...

I am still laughing about the ocean and so proud of Nick for his success!!! All in all, it was a great afternoon!

Grammy said...

Grammy is so proud of her Nick.Great job. Talk to you on Sunday Love you

Lauren said...

Omg he is taller than all you guys! Great job Nick! Miss you handsome :)