Sunday, October 21, 2012

Henry & Nick

Yesterday, mom was looking at Nick's computer.  He was looking at old pictures of Henry and Nick, when they were little.

This is a picture from 2004, when Nick met his little cousin for the first time.

They read books together.

 And watched movies together.

And made cookies together.

This is a picture from 2006, taken at grammy's house in New York City at Christmas time.

This was taken at Henry's 4th birthday.

And here's a picture of Henry and Nick being silly in bed with grammy.

Mom said, "Look how much the two of you have grown and changed.  Soon you will be the same size, when both of you are men.  And you will always be cousins."

Sunday, October 14, 2012

TCBY is Closed

Now that summer is done, and Sweet Retreat is closed, Nick asks mom and dad to take him to TCBY on Saturday nights.

But this weekend, when we went, they told us they are also closing for the winter.

When we went home in the car, mom showed Nick Baskin-Robbins.  Mom said we could go there for ice cream, but Nick said "No!"

Mom said, "Well, we can go there, or we can buy ice cream and sprinkles at Waldbaum's and eat ice cream at home."

Nick did not say any words.  Mom said, "Next week you can tell me what you decide to do."

Monday, October 8, 2012

Saturday Shopping

This weekend AHRC was closed because it is Columbus Day weekend.  Nick was sad that he could not go to AHRC to play.  Mom and Nick took a ride in the car and did some shopping.  Mom asked Nick if he wanted to go to Target and Nick said yes.

We bought Nick some new clothes for school.  Mom said, "Wow!  You are wearing man sized clothes now!"

After Target mom said, "there is a new Fairway Market in Westbury.  Let's go check it out and do some shopping."

Nick said, "No, no Fairway!"

Mom convinced Nick to come into the store.  He had a moody face when we walked into the store.
But Nick pushed the cart and helped mom do some shopping.  Mom let Nick buy a little tiny pumpkin with a smile face on it.