Friday, August 23, 2013

A Visit to New York City - The Staten Island Ferry

Nick is still on summer break and mom had no work today.  Mom said to Nick, "let's do something different, would you like to go to New York City? 

Of course Nick said. "yes!"  He was very happy to be back on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR).
We took the subway to South Ferry station.
Then we rode on the Staten Island Ferry.  We went right past the Statue of Liberty.
Nick liked riding on the ferry, we went on all the different levels and looked at both views.  He especially liked when the ferry was pulling into the docks.
Then we walked around Battery Park and downtown, we came across a great view of the Freedom Tower.

When we came home mom said, "you looked very happy all day, I'm glad you had a good time today.  You were not scared of birds in the city, that means we can go back for more visits and do other fun things."

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Visit to the Cardiologist

Today mom and dad took Nick to see a new doctor called a Cardiologist.  We told Nick, "today you will have an Ultrasound and an EKG.  The doctor will put a wand on your chest and take pictures, and then they will put stickers on your chest and attach wires.  You will have to sit quiet and still, but it will not hurt."

Nick did a good job with the Ultrasound.  Mom held up the iPad and took pictures, Nick thought it was funny and he smiled and made silly faces while mom took pictures.  The nurse was able to get good images of Nick's heart.
Then it was time for the EKG.  The nurse put stickers on Nick's chest.  Nick did not think this was funny, but he did a good job sitting quietly.
Next the nurse clipped wires to the stickers.  When she was done attaching all the wires she pressed buttons on the machine and paper printouts came out.

Then we told Nick, "All done!  Time to put your shirt back on." 

The doctor came in and told us that Nick's heart is healthy.  Mom and dad were happy and proud, we said, "what a great job you did today!"

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Learning About Mexico

Yesterday was the last day of summer school.  All the classes studied a different country and shared their information with the with the rest of the school.  Nick's class learned about Mexico. 

Nick came home with this picture. 

Mom said, "how funny, you play guitar left handed?  Very impressive!"

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Fine Weekend

This Saturday there was no AHRC, the program is closed for summer break, Nick will go back in September.

Nick was disappointed, he likes his Saturday routine.  Mom said, "we will do different things on the break.  Today grandpa, Susan and Jesse are coming to visit."

We took this picture together, mom said, "when did you become the tallest person in the room?"
On Sunday mom and Nick went to the beach.  There were more birds than last week.  Nick did not like when the birds walked so close to our chairs, but he was brave and stayed on the beach with mom.
We walked on the temporary boardwalk, the new boardwalk is still being rebuilt in our part of town.
At home mom gave Nick a new DVD, it was the Spiderman movie.  Nick sat down and watched the opening credits, but he did not want to watch the rest of the movie.  Nick still tells mom he wants to go back to see Spiderman - The Musical.  Mom said, "that costs a lot of money, maybe we can enjoy the DVD at home."

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beach Day

Today mom and Nick went to the beach.  Mom said, "you have been asking to visit the beach and the ocean since the fireworks.  Today we will give it a try."

Mom said we would go at 4:00.  We put on our bathing suits, packed a bag, and walked to the beach with our beach chairs. 
Nick does not like birds, and there were a lot of seagulls at the beach.  Mom told Nick, "we have to be okay with the birds if we want to have fun at the beach."
Sometimes Nick birds came close and Nick said, "bye bye birds!"  Mom had to chase them away a few times, and relaxed a little bit.
And we played in the ocean water!

When we walked home mom said, "what a great job you did today, I'm glad that you were brave with the birds and had a good time at the beach.  We can visit the beach more this summer, you seemed to have a very good time."