Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Fine Weekend

This Saturday there was no AHRC, the program is closed for summer break, Nick will go back in September.

Nick was disappointed, he likes his Saturday routine.  Mom said, "we will do different things on the break.  Today grandpa, Susan and Jesse are coming to visit."

We took this picture together, mom said, "when did you become the tallest person in the room?"
On Sunday mom and Nick went to the beach.  There were more birds than last week.  Nick did not like when the birds walked so close to our chairs, but he was brave and stayed on the beach with mom.
We walked on the temporary boardwalk, the new boardwalk is still being rebuilt in our part of town.
At home mom gave Nick a new DVD, it was the Spiderman movie.  Nick sat down and watched the opening credits, but he did not want to watch the rest of the movie.  Nick still tells mom he wants to go back to see Spiderman - The Musical.  Mom said, "that costs a lot of money, maybe we can enjoy the DVD at home."

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Grammy said...

Well Nick looks like you will be the tallest Reminick in the family thanks to the Lako genes.Nice picture see you soon.