Friday, August 23, 2013

A Visit to New York City - The Staten Island Ferry

Nick is still on summer break and mom had no work today.  Mom said to Nick, "let's do something different, would you like to go to New York City? 

Of course Nick said. "yes!"  He was very happy to be back on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR).
We took the subway to South Ferry station.
Then we rode on the Staten Island Ferry.  We went right past the Statue of Liberty.
Nick liked riding on the ferry, we went on all the different levels and looked at both views.  He especially liked when the ferry was pulling into the docks.
Then we walked around Battery Park and downtown, we came across a great view of the Freedom Tower.

When we came home mom said, "you looked very happy all day, I'm glad you had a good time today.  You were not scared of birds in the city, that means we can go back for more visits and do other fun things."

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Grammy said...

Nice to see that Nick is returning to the city. New York City loves Nick.