Thursday, September 29, 2011

No School Today

Today is a holiday and school was closed. Nick was sad, he wanted school to be open. When mommy came home from work, Nick wrote this out on a piece of paper.

It says Bus Long Beach Middle School and then the names of Nick's classmates.

Mommy showed Nick on the calendar that he will go to school again on Monday, but Nick was not happy. Mommy said, "well, I'm sure your teachers will be pleased to hear how much you like school."

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back to AHRC

Now that it is September again, Nick's old schedule is coming back. Nick writes mommy messages about what he wants to do. On Friday, Nick wrote this note to mommy.

Mommy said, "Yes, on Saturday, these are the things you will do."

First, mommy and Nick get dressed and have breakfast. Then we go in the car, mommy gets Nick a bagel to eat. We take the long drive to AHRC.

Nick takes his school bag and walks into the building.

Then Nick goes into his classroom.

When mommy leaves, Nick always says, "Daddy car, Wendy's french fries, Michael's."

Mommy says, "yes, daddy will pick you up later and the two of you will got to Wendy's for lunch, and then to Michael's Crafts."

This is what Nick wants to do every Saturday when AHRC is open.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Visit From Grammy

This weekend, Nick had a surprise - grammy came to visit! When grammy got out of the car Nick was playing with the garden hose, he had a happy face and he ran up to grammy and gave her two hugs and a kiss!

Grammy stayed in McKenzie's room. Nick walked in whenever he wanted to check on grammy. He jumped right into her bed, and grammy said, "oh, you used to do this when you were little!"

On Saturday, we took Nick to AHRC to play, and in the evenings we all sat down to dinner together. Grammy was impressed that Nick did a good job sitting at the table for family dinner, and that Nick is eating new foods. On Sunday night we all had the same dinner, shrimp scampi with spaghetti.

On Monday, it was time for Nick to go back to school. Grammy was going to take the bus home.

When the school bus came to the house, grammy gave Nick a hug and a kiss and walked Nick outside to the bus.

Grammy said, "I had a wonderful weekend with you, I will see you in two weeks when I come back to visit again."

Nick's Pool is Closed

Nick loves his pool. Every day he checks on it lots of times, he makes sure the pump is still running and all the toys are in the basket waiting for Nick to play.

Nick also loves to go swimming at night. Every night, before bedtime, Nick would have his moonlight swim.

Mommy and daddy told Nick he could have a pool until October, but last week daddy found a problem. The pool had a hole in it and the water was coming out. Daddy tried to fix the hole but it did not work.

Ms. Schneider made Nick a new calendar with a story about the pool. It said that the pool is broken and daddy cannot fix. The pool will be all done soon. June will come again and Nick will have a new pool.

Nick did not like the story. Nick said, "pool closed October" lots of times.

On Friday, all the water in the pool was gone. Nick was sad, he wanted to turn on the hose to put water back in the pool. Daddy used a pole to show Nick the hole on the floor.

Nick crawled into bed and was sad. Later he wrote out the months of the year, and he told mommy that it was October and the pool was closed. Mommy tried to tell Nick it is still September, but Nick changed all the calendars in the house to October.

On Sunday, daddy took Nick back to the Long Beach Rec Center pool. That is where Nick goes in the winter. Everyone at the Rec Center was happy to see Nick again!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Circle Cloud

On August 26th, mommy showed Nick pictures on the television and on the computer. Mommy told Nick a circle cloud, called a hurricane, was coming. A circle cloud is very dangerous.

We had to put boards on the windows so they would not break.

We had to bring all the flowers inside so they would not blow away.

Then we went in the car to grandma and grandpa's house to sleep. When Nick woke up, mommy said, "the circle cloud is here."

There was lots of wind and rain and the lights did not work, so Nick could not play computer. When we came home, the lights and computer were not working at home either. Mommy took Nick for a walk to pass the time.

We saw lots of tress that fell down.

And we saw sand in the street near the boardwalk.

The ocean waves moved the lifeguard house right next to the boardwalk.

When we came home there were still no lights and Nick could not play computer. Mommy had Nick help bring the plants back outside. Nick was not happy.

And then the pool started making noise. Mommy said, "Nick the pool is on, the lights must be on!" We ran into the house and the lights were on. Then mommy turned on the television, and then Nick's computer.

Nick was happy to have his computer back. Mommy was happy the circle cloud did not hurt our house or Long Beach.

The Bronx Zoo

One day during the summer, Ms. Schneider told mommy that she wanted to take Nick and Little Joey to the Bronx Zoo.

Nick was happy.

And so was Little Joey.

They saw lots of animals, this is a picture of the seals swimming in the water.

Ms. Schneider tried to take a picture with Nick, but Nick would not show his happy face.

Mommy came home and asked about the day. Ms. Schneider said, "well I guess Nick had a good time, he typed out Bronx Zoo Field Trip and taped it to his calendar."

Mommy said, "well if you had such a good time I will put the pictures on Read About Nick!"

A Boat for Nick's Pool

One day, grandma and grandpa came to visit. They gave Nick a birthday present. It was a little boat for Nick's pool.

Daddy showed Nick how to use the controls. The buttons make the boat move forward or backward.

Then Nick tried it out himself.

Nick likes to play with his new boat, but he does not like the boat to be in the water when he is in the pool. If daddy puts the boat in the pool Nick takes it out and points to the table and says, "no boat."

Let's Go To Barnes & Noble

One Sunday, mommy and Nick went out in the car. Mommy asked Nick, "where would you like to go?" Nick took his pad and pen and wrote things down for mommy.

He wrote two pages:

Mommy drove on the Loop Parkway to Barnes and Nobel. Nick looked in the video section for a new movie.

When he found a movie to buy, mommy gave Nick a gift card from grammy and Nick used it to pay.

Then we went and sat in the cafe. Nick used the gift card to buy mommy a treat. Mommy told Nick, "what a great job you did writing and paying for things today."