Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Circle Cloud

On August 26th, mommy showed Nick pictures on the television and on the computer. Mommy told Nick a circle cloud, called a hurricane, was coming. A circle cloud is very dangerous.

We had to put boards on the windows so they would not break.

We had to bring all the flowers inside so they would not blow away.

Then we went in the car to grandma and grandpa's house to sleep. When Nick woke up, mommy said, "the circle cloud is here."

There was lots of wind and rain and the lights did not work, so Nick could not play computer. When we came home, the lights and computer were not working at home either. Mommy took Nick for a walk to pass the time.

We saw lots of tress that fell down.

And we saw sand in the street near the boardwalk.

The ocean waves moved the lifeguard house right next to the boardwalk.

When we came home there were still no lights and Nick could not play computer. Mommy had Nick help bring the plants back outside. Nick was not happy.

And then the pool started making noise. Mommy said, "Nick the pool is on, the lights must be on!" We ran into the house and the lights were on. Then mommy turned on the television, and then Nick's computer.

Nick was happy to have his computer back. Mommy was happy the circle cloud did not hurt our house or Long Beach.

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