Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nick's Pool is Closed

Nick loves his pool. Every day he checks on it lots of times, he makes sure the pump is still running and all the toys are in the basket waiting for Nick to play.

Nick also loves to go swimming at night. Every night, before bedtime, Nick would have his moonlight swim.

Mommy and daddy told Nick he could have a pool until October, but last week daddy found a problem. The pool had a hole in it and the water was coming out. Daddy tried to fix the hole but it did not work.

Ms. Schneider made Nick a new calendar with a story about the pool. It said that the pool is broken and daddy cannot fix. The pool will be all done soon. June will come again and Nick will have a new pool.

Nick did not like the story. Nick said, "pool closed October" lots of times.

On Friday, all the water in the pool was gone. Nick was sad, he wanted to turn on the hose to put water back in the pool. Daddy used a pole to show Nick the hole on the floor.

Nick crawled into bed and was sad. Later he wrote out the months of the year, and he told mommy that it was October and the pool was closed. Mommy tried to tell Nick it is still September, but Nick changed all the calendars in the house to October.

On Sunday, daddy took Nick back to the Long Beach Rec Center pool. That is where Nick goes in the winter. Everyone at the Rec Center was happy to see Nick again!

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