Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back to AHRC

Now that it is September again, Nick's old schedule is coming back. Nick writes mommy messages about what he wants to do. On Friday, Nick wrote this note to mommy.

Mommy said, "Yes, on Saturday, these are the things you will do."

First, mommy and Nick get dressed and have breakfast. Then we go in the car, mommy gets Nick a bagel to eat. We take the long drive to AHRC.

Nick takes his school bag and walks into the building.

Then Nick goes into his classroom.

When mommy leaves, Nick always says, "Daddy car, Wendy's french fries, Michael's."

Mommy says, "yes, daddy will pick you up later and the two of you will got to Wendy's for lunch, and then to Michael's Crafts."

This is what Nick wants to do every Saturday when AHRC is open.

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