Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Visit From Grammy

This weekend, Nick had a surprise - grammy came to visit! When grammy got out of the car Nick was playing with the garden hose, he had a happy face and he ran up to grammy and gave her two hugs and a kiss!

Grammy stayed in McKenzie's room. Nick walked in whenever he wanted to check on grammy. He jumped right into her bed, and grammy said, "oh, you used to do this when you were little!"

On Saturday, we took Nick to AHRC to play, and in the evenings we all sat down to dinner together. Grammy was impressed that Nick did a good job sitting at the table for family dinner, and that Nick is eating new foods. On Sunday night we all had the same dinner, shrimp scampi with spaghetti.

On Monday, it was time for Nick to go back to school. Grammy was going to take the bus home.

When the school bus came to the house, grammy gave Nick a hug and a kiss and walked Nick outside to the bus.

Grammy said, "I had a wonderful weekend with you, I will see you in two weeks when I come back to visit again."

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