Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grandpa's Artwork

In October, Nick had his picture taken at school. Mommy bought the pictures and gave them to family, and she gave a picture to grandma and grandpa.

Grandpa liked the picture so much he decided to copy it in a drawing. Grandpa does not have to work anymore and one of the things he likes to do is make beautiful drawings. He spent many weeks working on his drawing of Nick, and then he put it in a picture frame and brought it to us as a present.

Nick looked at the two pictures side by side.

Mommy told Nick we will say thank you to grandpa by writing a story on the computer so lots of people can see this beautiful drawing grandpa made of Nick.

Thank You Grandpa!

Happy Birthday Mommy

Yesterday was Saturday, and it was mommy's birthday. Daddy took Nick to AHRC to play and then mommy came in the car to pick Nick up. We were going to go to Wendy's but when we were in the car Nick said "that way" and pointed in the opposite direction. Mommy said "where do you want to go?" Nick picked up the Hicks Nurseries magazine from last week and handed it to mommy. Mommy said "do you want to go to Hicks Nurseries?" and Nick said "yes" so mommy went that way in the car.

We parked the car and walked to the store. Mommy told Nick "today is mommy's birthday. You should pick out a flower for mommy and we will put it in the garden." Nick wanted to buy mommy a new Christmas tree but mommy said "no thank you, we do not need a tree." Nick picked out little yellow flowers and then paid for the flowers with money.

In the nighttime after dinner, daddy took out a cake and we sat down to the table. Aunt Nicole called on the telephone so she was able to help Nick sing Happy Birthday to mommy. Then Nick helped blow out the candles.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Spring Flower Show

Today when mommy picked up Nick at AHRC, mommy gave Nick a magazine and it said Hicks Nurseries on the top. There were pictures of flowers on the cover. Mommy told Nick we were going to the Spring Flower Show. Nick was smiling, he remembered that Mommy takes him there a lot during the year, and we always go to see the spring flower show.

They had beautiful displays of plants and flowers. We saw flowers in all colors, and mommy told Nick the name of the flowers: rose, tulip, daffodil, pansy and zinnia.

Then we walked outside and looked at the bushes and trees. Nick found a tree and tried to pick it up, he said "tree" and "home." Mommy told Nick we only buy a tree in December, then in January the tree is all done. Nick said "March" and mommy said "yes, it is March. In March we look at flowers. In April we will start to buy plants and in May we will put them in the ground. In June, July and August we take care of the plants in the garden."

Nick was sad that we could not buy a tree, but we walked around some more and looked at flowers and then we were all done. The car was parked far away because so many people come to the flower show. We got lost in the parking lot and we had to climb a fence. Nick thought this was funny and he had a big smile on his face.

When we got back to the car mommy said "where should we go?" Nick said "Wendy's." Mommy said "that's right, we always go to Wendy's after AHRC. You did a good job waiting for your french fries!"

Food Shopping with Mommy

Today mommy and Nick went to Fairway Market to buy food. We have to go to the store every Saturday so we have food in the house when we need it.

Mommy and Nick got a shopping cart and started to pick out fruit and vegetables. Nick did a good job helping to pick out oranges and cantaloupe and melon. There were so many types of pears, mommy told Nick to pick one out and he chose the red pears so we put one in a bag.

When we are all done shopping mommy has to pay. Nick helps put the food on the table.

When we get to the car Nick helps put the food in the trunk.

When we get home Nick carries the bags from the car to the front door, he gives the bags to daddy and then he walks back to mommy to get more bags until there are none left.

Nick is such a good helper!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Best in Snow

There was no school today. Today is not the weekend and it is not a holiday. Today is Monday and we are supposed to go to school but we got a lot of snow in the night time and when Nick woke up mommy said there would be no school today. Nick looked out the window and said "snow" and mommy said, "yes, it snowed all night while you were sleeping."

We looked out the window together. Daddy was outside shoveling. Mommy wanted to make Nick breakfast but Nick took his boots out of the closet and took his coat off the hook. Mommy said "okay, you can go outside and play in the snow." Nick was so happy, he had a big smile on his face. It took a long time to put on snowpants and sweatshirt, scarf, hat and gloves but we did it. Nick was all dressed up and mommy opened the door and Nick ran outside to play in the snow.

Nick had a great time outside in the snow. When he came back into the house he had to take all the clothes off before he could play. His boots and pants had snow on them and there was a lot of snow on the floor. Mommy hung up all the clothes and daddy made Nick french toast for breakfast.

At dinner time mommy made Nick chicken and rice and peas. Mommy did not even have to bring Nick to the table, he came and sat down the first time mommy said "Nick, come to the table and eat chicken." While we were eating mommy said "let's hope there will be school tomorrow." Nick wrinkled his forehead and looked at mommy with a serious face, but he did not say any words.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quiet House

There are always loud sounds in our house because Nick likes to watch movies on the television and on the computer. Tonight mommy was in the kitchen making dinner and talking to grammy on the phone. Grammy said "wow, Nicholas is very quiet today." Mommy checked on Nick, he was lying down on the couch watching a movie with his DVD player. Nick had on his headphones so mommy could not hear the music from the movie.