Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Spring Flower Show

Today when mommy picked up Nick at AHRC, mommy gave Nick a magazine and it said Hicks Nurseries on the top. There were pictures of flowers on the cover. Mommy told Nick we were going to the Spring Flower Show. Nick was smiling, he remembered that Mommy takes him there a lot during the year, and we always go to see the spring flower show.

They had beautiful displays of plants and flowers. We saw flowers in all colors, and mommy told Nick the name of the flowers: rose, tulip, daffodil, pansy and zinnia.

Then we walked outside and looked at the bushes and trees. Nick found a tree and tried to pick it up, he said "tree" and "home." Mommy told Nick we only buy a tree in December, then in January the tree is all done. Nick said "March" and mommy said "yes, it is March. In March we look at flowers. In April we will start to buy plants and in May we will put them in the ground. In June, July and August we take care of the plants in the garden."

Nick was sad that we could not buy a tree, but we walked around some more and looked at flowers and then we were all done. The car was parked far away because so many people come to the flower show. We got lost in the parking lot and we had to climb a fence. Nick thought this was funny and he had a big smile on his face.

When we got back to the car mommy said "where should we go?" Nick said "Wendy's." Mommy said "that's right, we always go to Wendy's after AHRC. You did a good job waiting for your french fries!"

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Nicole said...

Hi Nicholas,

I love the pictures of you with the flowers. It sounds like you enjoy visiting the flower nursery, especially with mom. I was reading a book last night in which I use an old post card from you as a bookmark. It was a thank you note from your birthday party when you turned 6 years old. I love that picture of you! I'm glad I still have it.

It's my birthday today. I'm going to imagine giving you a big hug!

love, Aunt Nicole