Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy

Today is mommy's birthday. Mommy told Nick, "grammy is coming to visit today, and the three of us will go to the Flower Show at Hicks Nurseries.

When grammy arrived mommy and Nick were still doing housework. Mommy showed Nick how to clean windows and Nick cleaned the big window on the inside and the outside of the house.

Then we went to Hick Nurseries. Nick was happy in the car, he had a big smile on his face when we drove into the parking lot.

We walked around and looked at flowers and plants. Grammy said to Nick, "let's pick out a flower for mommy. What color do you like?" Nick said "purple," so grammy and Nick picked out purple Pansie flowers.

Then we went to a building called Public Storage. Grammy needed to get some things from her storage room. Nick has never been in this building and he liked to go inside, but he did not want to help carry things back to the car.

In the night time daddy, grammy and Nick sang Happy Birthday to mommy. Nick sang the whole song, but he sang "happy birthday to Nicholas." Grammy told Nick, "we have to say happy birthday to mommy." Nick looked up at mommy's eyes and sang, " mommy, happy birthday to you."

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby Katie

In February we found out that Nick has a new baby cousin. Her name is Katie, and she is Henry's little sister.

Every week we get new pictures of Katie on the computer. This is Katie in the crib, looking at herself in a little mirror.

Last week mommy met Katie for the first time.

Mommy showed Nick these pictures and said, "This is Henry's sister and your new cousin. Maybe next month we will take a ride in the car to visit Henry's house and we will see your new cousin together."

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A visit from Aunt Nicole

Last weekend mommy took Nick in the car. We were going to the airport to pick up Aunt Nicole. Nick did not know where we were going and he got upset and started to cry and asked to go home to daddy. Mommy took Nick home and said, "I'm sorry, I should have shown you on the map where we were going so you would not be scared."

Aunt Nicole stayed with us for dinner and then she helped Nick make sprinkle cookies shaped like menorahs.

The next day Aunt Nicole said, "I want to have New York pizza for lunch. Do you know where we can go?" Nick did not say any words. Mommy said, "Nick eats pizza dinner three times a week. He likes to go to Gino's in town." The three of us put on our coats and took a walk into town.

The people at Gino's know Nick and they all said "Hi Nick!" We ordered our pizza and Nick paid for it with money. Then we sat down at the table to eat.

When Nick was done he said, "Ice Cream!" Mommy gave Nick money and he told the man what color ice cream he wanted. The man gave Nick the ice cream cup and Nick gave it back to him and Nick said, "sprinkle." The man put on sprinkles and Nick paid with money. Then he went back to the table to eat his ice cream.

Nick was smiling and laughing as he ate his ice cream.

When we were all done Nick helped us throw away our garbage. Aunt Nicole said, "thank you for taking me to Gino's, that was a great pizza lunch and I loved going to see your favorite restaurant."

Three weekends at the park

We have had lots of cold days and snow. One day Nick was playing with his basketball in the house. Mommy said, "would you like to play basketball in the park?" Nick said, "yes!"

We got in the car and we went to Shell Creek Park. The basketball court was locked because it was covered in snow. Nick played on the playground instead, and then we went home.

The next weekend mommy and Nick were in the car going to stores. Mommy said, "I have your basketball in the trunk, should we go to Eisenhower Park to play?" Nick smiled and said, "yes!"

The snow was very deep and we walked a long time from the car and found that we could not play basketball there either. Nick was a good sport and played in the playground instead.

Today is Saturday and Nick went back to AHRC to play. Mommy picked up Nick and we went to have french fries for lunch. Then mommy said, "The basketball is still in the trunk of the car, do you want to go to the park to play?" Nick looked happy and he said, "yes!"

And we were happy to see there was not too much snow. There were lots of kids playing the park. Nick went into the basketball court and threw the ball into the hoop on the first try!

Nick played ball for awhile and then he played in the playground.

When we got back to the car Nick had a big smile on his face. Mommy said, "I can see you had a good time, we will have to come back so you can play basketball again, you are very good at it."

Snow Days

It has been a very cold and snowy winter. Nick has had vacation and snow days. On those days he likes to sleep late, and then sit at his computer and look at maps and pictures and movies.

Sometimes Nick puts on his coat and hat and gloves and goes out to play in the snow.

But one day Nick wrote a note to McKenzie that he wanted to play with water in the garden. McKenzie told Nick it was too cold to pay with the garden hose.

Nick went to get the watering can and he brought it to the sink. He filled it up with hot water, then he put on his bathing suit.

He went outside and he poured the hot water in the garden and on the ground and melted some of the snow.

Maybe Nick has had too many snow days and he is ready for spring!