Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day

Today is Christmas Day!

Mom woke up Nick and said, "hey, would you like to open presents?"  Nick came out into the living room and put on his Santa hat, then he went back to sleep on the couch!
We got this picture from California.  Henry and Katie had a great Christmas morning!
And so did Ryder.

Mom said to Nick, "oh well, I guess when you get older it's better to sleep late."

Christmas Eve

This year Christmas Eve fell on a Saturday.  Mom asked Nick if he would like to go into New York City to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes.

It was a rainy day.  We walked passed the Macy's Christmas window displays.
On Avenue of the Americas, one building had giant holiday lights.
Another building had giant ornaments.
Finally we got to 49th Street and found Radio City.
Inside they had a beautiful crystal tree of lights.
Nick posed in front of this picture of the Rockettes.
We found our seats and got ready for the show.  Nick was happy, but he would not smile for the picture.
The Rockettes tap their shoes and dance in patterns, Nick really enjoyed the show.  At the end, all of the performers came out to take their bow.
Then mom asked if Nick wanted to see the big tree.  Nick knew the way to walk.  Mom used to work in that building, and we would go there all every year.
There were so many people taking pictures in front of the big tree.  We finally found a place to take our tourist selfie.

Christmas Outfit

A paper came home from school saying the kids were having a holiday party on the last day of school.  Mom bought Nick a new shirt and dad gave Nick one of his old Christmas ties.  It has Charlie Brown and Snoopy dressed for the holidays!

Visit from Grammy

Grammy came back to visit in December.  She told Nick, "I am going to California to see your cousins so I will not be with you for Christmas."

We took grammy on our nature walk.  Nick lead the way as we walked through the trees.
Then we sat on a bench high up and looked out at the fishing peer and Jones Beach tower.  Grammy said, "this is a nice nature walk, I'm getting a lot of exercise with you."

That night, grammy gave us our Christmas presents.  In this picture Nick is wearing candy cane ears and his new Charlie Brown pajama pants!

Nick's Little Christmas Tree

This year, mom and dad gave Nick something new for his holiday decorating - his own little Christmas Tree!

We opened the box and put the stand together.
Then we fanned out the branches.  The tree came with it's own lights so it was ready to plug in.
The tree sits on a table in Nick's room.  He decorated it with his colorful Lego's.  Mom said, "That's a Nick original!"

Hello Christmas Tree!

It is Nick's favorite time of the year, when we have a Christmas tree.  Nick has had the date on this calendar for months, it read "Dees Nursery Christmas Tree."

Mom and Nick went to Dees Nursery after school.  Nick found the perfect tree right away.
The men wrapped it up in twine and put it in our car.
After we decorated the tree, Nick turned off the lights and relaxed on the couch, just like he does every year.

Visit from Bobby

Bobby is dad's brother.  A few weeks ago, Bobby came to visit and told he us he leaving Long Island and going to live far away in Ithaca.  To say goodbye, we had a winter barbecue and mom took this picture of Nick, his dad, and his uncle until we see each other again.