Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Furry Happy Monsters

Nick likes to watch videos on YouTube.

Nick especially likes to watch the movie Furry Happy Monsters. It is a movie of REM singing with the monsters on Sesame Street.

At one point in the song the monsters are not happy anymore, and they become sad and start to cry. The singer stops singing and he says, "c'mon monsters, you don't have to cry, you can be happy!" Then the monsters say, "YEAH!" very loud and they start to dance again.

Nick likes this part of the song, and he rewinds the window to hear it over and over again. Last night, Nick looked up at mommy and he said the words, "c'mon monster, no cry, happy!"

Mommy thought that was so funny, and she said the monster part, "YEAH!" and danced to the music. Mommy and Nick said the words over and over again, and we were laughing and dancing to the music together.

REM - Furry Happy Monsters

REM - Shiny Happy People

Monday, June 28, 2010

Nick's New Bed

Grammy came to visit a few weeks ago, and she bought Nick an early birthday present. It is a new bed.

Nick's room has not been decorated since he was six years old, and now Nick is going to be 12 years old. We all decided to work together to make Nick a new room.

When Nick woke up on Saturday, mommy took all of Nick's things out and put them in the hallway. Then McKenzie and mommy painted Nick's room, we made the walls shades of gray.

On Sunday, daddy took the bed out of the box and put it together. Nick likes to work with tools and helped daddy put in some of the screws.

Then the bed was all done. Nick kept going into his room all day to sit and look around and enjoy his new bed.

At bedtime, Nick brushed his teeth and took his DVD player to lie down in his new bed. Mommy took this picture when Nick was falling asleep.

Sweet dreams, Nick!

I Love USA

One day, McKenzie and Nick went to Waldbaum's to buy food. Nick picked out Gem Gels, they had red and blue letters and spell the words I Love USA.

The last time we had Gem Gels Nick took them off the window and played with them until they broke apart. This time McKenzie said, "we will put them on the outside of the window, that way we can see them and Nick cannot take them down."

And now when we look out our picture window we can see the words
I Love USA!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grammy's Visit

This weekend, Grammy came to visit Nick!

Grammy came to our house on Friday, she was getting out of her car when McKenzie and Nick came home from pizza dinner.

On Saturday, mommy and grammy picked up Nick at AHRC. Then we all went to have lunch at Wendy's.

On Sunday we had breakfast together. Then it was time for grammy to go home. She gave Nick a big hug and kiss and then we walked her out to the car. Mommy tried to get a nice picture of Nick and grammy together, but Nick was making a grumpy face.

Grammy said, "That's okay, maybe Nick is sad to see me go home. I'm sad too, I will miss you too."

No Outside!

One Sunday, it was a beautiful day, and mommy asked Nick to come sit outside on the porch. Nick said, "No Outside!" He stayed in the house and played computer.

Mommy took this picture of Nick from outside the house. Nick is watching a video on his computer.

Walk on the Bay

One night after dinner, mommy said to Nick, "Hey, let's talk a walk."

Nick put on his shoes and sweatshirt, he was so happy he was laughing and smiling.

Mommy said, "Which way should we walk?" Nick pointed towards the bay, so we walked that way.

We walked towards Magnolia Blvd, and up towards the water. There is a park there, and Nick played on the swing and slide, and then we walked to the skateboard park and watched the big kids do tricks on their skateboards and bicycles.

Then we sat on benches and looked out at the water and the sky. We looked to the east and the sky was blue and we could see the draw bridge for the LIRR train was up.

Then we looked to the west, the sun was setting and the sky was all different colors.

We got up from the benches and started to walk to the pier. Mommy pointed to the sky and said, "What do you see?"
Nick said, "Moon - Stars."

Mommy said, "That's right. What a beautiful night to take a walk in Long Beach!"

Stepping Stones

A stepping stone is a rock or stone on the ground.

For Mother's Day, Nick and McKenzie made mommy stepping stones for the garden. They were decorated with letters, colored glass and impressions.

This is the first stone. It says, "Mommy's Garden." Mommy loved the stone so much she put it in the center of the garden, in front of the tree.

The second stone says Nick's name and it has a flower shape and impressions of Nick's hand. Mommy put this stone in the flower bed.

This is a picture of Nick watering the garden. Mommy said, "be careful not to get dirt on my beautiful stepping stone, you know it's one of my favorite presents!"