Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stepping Stones

A stepping stone is a rock or stone on the ground.

For Mother's Day, Nick and McKenzie made mommy stepping stones for the garden. They were decorated with letters, colored glass and impressions.

This is the first stone. It says, "Mommy's Garden." Mommy loved the stone so much she put it in the center of the garden, in front of the tree.

The second stone says Nick's name and it has a flower shape and impressions of Nick's hand. Mommy put this stone in the flower bed.

This is a picture of Nick watering the garden. Mommy said, "be careful not to get dirt on my beautiful stepping stone, you know it's one of my favorite presents!"

1 comment:

Grammy said...

I loved the stepping stone you gave your mother I am sure she will love it forever.