Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Furry Happy Monsters

Nick likes to watch videos on YouTube.

Nick especially likes to watch the movie Furry Happy Monsters. It is a movie of REM singing with the monsters on Sesame Street.

At one point in the song the monsters are not happy anymore, and they become sad and start to cry. The singer stops singing and he says, "c'mon monsters, you don't have to cry, you can be happy!" Then the monsters say, "YEAH!" very loud and they start to dance again.

Nick likes this part of the song, and he rewinds the window to hear it over and over again. Last night, Nick looked up at mommy and he said the words, "c'mon monster, no cry, happy!"

Mommy thought that was so funny, and she said the monster part, "YEAH!" and danced to the music. Mommy and Nick said the words over and over again, and we were laughing and dancing to the music together.

REM - Furry Happy Monsters

REM - Shiny Happy People


Grammy said...

Must be the Gonzalez genes loving to dance. You will have to show me the video when I visit and we can dance together. love you Nick

Nicole said...

Love this story, so cute!

MaxxSilly said...

Lillyana and I love that song too. Maybe we will see you soon and we can all dance together!