Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nick's Trampoline

Nick loves jumping! For a long time we had a trampoline in our house so Nick could jump and have fun. These are some old pictures of Nick on his trampoline.

This summer Nick's trampoline broke and we had to put it in the garbage. Nick did not mind because he was playing in his pool a lot, but now that the pool is closed, Daddy decided to buy Nick a new trampoline.

Today Nick took the legs off the trampoline and put them back in the box. Then he put the trampoline away and daddy asked Nick "why are you closing the trampoline?"

Nick said, "no trampoline, all done." Then Nick wrote daddy a note.

Daddy was sad. Mommy said, "we will put the trampoline in the attic and when Nick changes his mind we will take it out again."

Maybe Nick will write us a new note when he is ready to jump again.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shoe Shopping

Mommy noticed that Nick's feet are getting bigger, so mommy told Nick "today we will go to the store to buy Nick new shoes."

First we measured Nick's feet. They are a half size larger than they were in the summer.

Then mommy looked for shoes in Nick's size and put three boxes on the floor. Nick put on a black pair of sneakers and then he took them off and put them back in the box. Mommy asked Nick if he liked the shoes and Nick said, "no."

Then Nick tried on a pair of white sneakers. Mommy tied the laces and Nick walked around the store to try them out. Then mommy asked Nick to try on another pair of sneakers, but Nick said "white shoes."

We put the sneakers in a box and then went to wait on line to pay. Mommy helped Nick put his new sneakers on and then we walked out of the store. Right across the street was a Burger King. Nick said "french fries please," so mommy and Nick went to Burger King to eat lunch.

Monday, October 11, 2010

King David Manor and The Allegria

For a long time, there was a yellow and orange building in Long Beach called The King David Manor. Nick loved that building, and he used to paint it all the time. Sometimes when we were in the car Nick would say "yellow orange building" right before we drove past.

This is a picture of Nick from 2006.

This is a new picture of Nick in front of the same building. The outside colors have changed, now it is called The Allegria Hotel.

Mommy and Nick walked around the building. Nick wanted to go inside so we walked into the lobby and the first thing we saw was a sign.

Mommy said, "I guess you are not the only person who loved The King David Manor, lots of people want to remember the famous yellow and orange building of Long Beach."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Days of Summer

Now it is October, the air is getting colder and the season is changing to Autumn.

Nick loves the summer. He loves to play outside, swim in the pool and take care of mommy's flowers. These are some pictures from our summer.

Every day we hang our wet bathing suits and towels on the fence to dry. Nick goes in the pool lots of times so sometimes he has lots of bathing suits on the fence.

Nick LOVES to play in his pool. Sometimes he swims when it is dark and the moon is in the sky. In this picture it is sunny and the water is bright blue. What a perfect day to swim in the pool!

In the summer we eat outside a lot. This is a Sunday morning when mommy and Nick were eating pancake breakfast on the porch.

Mommy loves to go to the garden center to buy flowers. Nick helps take care of the flowers by giving them water from the hose.

And this year we grew vegetables in pots. Nick helped take care of those plants too, and then helped to take off the string beans so we could cook them and then eat them.

When mommy tells Nick the pool will be closed soon Nick says, "NO!"

Mommy said, "The seasons change, and we will do different things in the autumn and winter. Summer will come again in June."

Stealing Stickers

Mommy keeps stickers in a little folder file. They are locked in mommy's room so Nick will not put stickers all around the house.

Nick knows the stickers are locked away, hiding under mommy's bed. One day, when the door was unlocked, Nick took the folder out and went through the folder looking for letter stickers.

Mommy said, "Hey, why are there stickers on the walls of the house?"

Then mommy found Nick stealing stickers!

Summertime Tree

Mommy and Nick love to sit on the porch in the summertime. Sometimes we sit in the chairs quietly. Sometimes we watch people walk by on the sidewalk. Sometimes we water the plants in the pots and flowers in the garden.

We especially love the tree we planted together with grammy. In the spring we can look up and see white flowers.

And in the summer when the flowers are all gone we can look up and see seed pods hanging from the tree.

Now it is October and the leaves are starting to change and fall off. That is not Nick's favorite time to look at the tree, because he has to help mommy rake the leaves!

Nick, Daddy and Grandpa

One day this summer grandpa came to visit. He brought us bagels to eat, and we all had breakfast at the table. When grandpa was leaving mommy took a picture of Nick, daddy and grandpa.

Three generations of Reminick men.